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Web Designing

Course Information on Web Designing

ACIL imparts the Best HTML training in Gurgaon. By undertaking a course in this institute, candidates can secure top job positions in their dream places. ACIL is one of the well-known HTML training institutes in Gurgaon. At ACIL’s HTML training center in Gurgaon, the large number of resource personnel ensures that a student can grasp many fundamentals of the graphic designing. It implements a blend of theoretical and practical learning to bring the best out of a candidate. The web design course in this institute involves learning by doing which in turn aids a student to boost their knowledge. The web design course in ACIL comprises of various aspects. They are in the below-mentioned list.

Introduction to HTML

This course aims to provide you with a thorough and deep understanding of the various aspects of HTML. The course given by ACIL which is also known as one of the best HTML training institute in Gurgaon makes you suddenly understand the concepts of HTML. By the end of this HTML course, you would have the confidence to create a good and interactive website from scratch. On the other hand, you would quickly memorize the principals that lie behind accessibility and HTML email.


ACIL provides the Best CSS training in Gurgaon. For instance, they can determine target selector, form inputs, transformations and animations and as well as HSLA. The training module of CSS in ACIL has been designed keeping in mind the latest industry standards and trends. It is also known as one of the best CSS training institutes in Gurgaon.

Course syllabus for Web Designing

Introduction of web technologies

  • Introduction of Web Technologies
  • How the Website Work
  • Client and Server Scripting Languages
  • Types of Websites – Static & Dynamic
  • Web Standards and W3C Recommendations

Adobe Photoshop Course Contents:

  • Mixing and manipulation of several colors
  • The merging of two pictures
  • Creating patterns and artistic designs
  • Importing and exporting images
  • Working with the tools of Photoshop
  • Creating background, retouching and coloring
  • Twirl and staining an image
  • Adding special effects to the designs
  • Spotlight effect and Emboss effect

Adobe InDesign Course Contents:

  • Preferences
  • Introduction to Adobe InDesign
  • Customizing the workspace
  • Managing the presets of a document

Creating Documents:

  • Changing the layout of the document
  • Developing Master Pages
  • Forming Layers
  • Creating a new document

Special Effects

  • Emboss and Bevel
  • Inner Shadow
  • Gradient Feather
  • Outer and Inner Glow

Adobe Illustrator Course Contents

  • Comprehending vector graphics
  • Navigating artwork
  • Evaluating the tools panel
  • Understanding the dark and light interfaces
  • Scrolling a document
  • Workspaces and panels
  • Working with control panel
  • Setting the preferences
  • Creating and saving workspaces
  • Cycling through the screen modes

Working with paths and the pen tool

  • Comprehending anchor points
  • Adding curvature
  • Averaging and joining paths
  • Utilizing the scissors tool to the maximum effect
  • Drawing straight segments
  • Understanding paths

Working with images

  • Cropping images with a mask
  • Embedding the images into Illustrator
  • Exploring and understanding the Image Trace Panel
  • Working with the Links panel
  • Cropping the pictures with the help of the mask tool

Adobe XD Course Contents

  • What is Adobe XD
  • Importing & Masking Images
  • Text , Border, Pen, Fill & Shadow
  • Importing SVG Files & Combining Shapes
  • Aligning and Position Object
  • Exporting Assets & Sharing Prototypes
  • Linking Screens & Transitions

Google Web Designer

  • Basic setup
  • Advanced setup
  • Creating new document
  • Setting up the environment
  • Pages
  • Components
  • Shortcuts
  • Views
  • Design view
  • Code view
  • Using the timeline
  • Using components
  • Quick mode v Advanced mode
  • Inserting keyframes
  • Animation repeat
  • Previewing your ad or animation
  • Publishing your ad or animation

HTML Course content

  • Website Management and structure
  • A brief on web browsers
  • A greater focus on accessibility and usability issues as well as on properties and elements
  • About HTML and XHTML. You would be given a brief on why you should choose this course
  • Writing good HTML codes, its rules and conventions
  • You would also learn a great deal on line breaks and paragraphs
  • Multiple spaces
  • Special Characters
  • Heading Tags
  • Borders of a web page
  • Table Properties
  • When and how to create a table
  • Setting image properties
  • Using various types of hyperlinks
  • Using images as link buttons

CSS & CSS3 Course Content

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Overview of CSS
  • The topics covered
  • A brief presentation and preface to CSS3
  • CSS Syntax
  • Examining the source of HTML
  • Comprehending the Visual Studio
  • Adding various style to HTML


  • A necessary preface on the borders
  • Rounded Borders and Corners
  • Understanding the effects of shadow borders
  • Comprehending the use of resizable borders

Fundamentals of css3:

  • Course Materials
  • What Is CSS3?
  • Border Radius
  • Border
  • Box
  • Background Size
  • Text
  • Custom
  • Rotate
  • Resize


  • Management of styles in the script
  • Script for future detection
  • Adding the scripts
  • Understanding how multiple browsers are supported on a single scale
  • Working with a broad range of browsers

Fundamentals of javascript:

  • Course Materials
  • What Is JavaScript
  • Internal Vs. External
  • Comments
  • Document. Write()
  • Alert And
  • Prompting For
  • Variables
  • Conjugation
  • Arithmetic
  • Redirecting And New Windows
  • Links
  • String Manipulation
  • Comparisons
  • If Else Statements & Reverse
  • Switch Statements
  • Functions
  • Events
  • GgetElementById()
  • Escaping
  • Arrays
  • For Loops
  • While Loops
  • Breaking Out Of Loops
  • Skipping A Loop Cycle

Fundamentals of jquery:

  • Course Materials
  • What Is jQuery
  • Installing jQuery
  • Syntax
  • Selectors
  • Events (Part 1)
  • Events (Part 2)
  • When A Key Is
  • Effects
  • Callbacks
  • html()
  • Changing CSS & Animations
  • Attributes
  • jQuery.Ajax
  • Finishing jQuery

Building responsive websites with HTML5 & CSS3:

  • Key Aspects Of Responsive Design
  • Determining Device Resolutions To
  • Wireframing Responsive
  • The Concept Of Using Multiple CSS
  • Media Queries and Multiple Style
  • Building Media Queries Into A Single CSS File
  • Using Media Query Expressions
  • Setting Up The HTML and CSS Files
  • Getting Started With The Header
  • Inserting The Main Nav
  • Inserting The Search
  • Problems With Applying Floats
  • Integrating Google Fonts
  • Building The Hero Section
  • Formatting The Hero
  • Inserting and Formatting A Call To Action Button
  • Building The Features Section, Part One
  • Building The Features Section, Part Two
  • Inserting The Organize Section
  • Building The Share Section
  • Building The Call To Action Area
  • Inserting And Formatting The Footer
  • Finishing Touches For The High Resolution Layout
  • Setting Up The Medium Resolution CSS and Testing The Media Query
  • Formatting The Medium Res Header
  • Formatting The Medium Res Hero Section
  • Formatting The Features Section
  • Formatting The Organize And Share Sections
  • Building The Get Section and Finishing Up The Medium Res Layout
  • Setting Up The Low Res CSS and Testing The Media Query
  • Formatting The Low Res Header
  • Resolving Problems Caused By Floats
  • Formatting The Low Res Hero Section
  • Formatting The Features Section
  • Formatting The Organize And Share Sections
  • Building The Get Section and Finishing Up The Low Res Layout
  • Disabling Device Smart Zoom
  • Testing Your Responsive Layouts
  • Setting Up Retina Display Graphics
  • Where To Go From Here

Live project design:

  • Designing a Professional Photoshop Template
  • Conversion PSD into HTML
  • Implementation Gallery Script
  • Form Validation with JS
  • Manual Website Testing

Hence, at ACIL’s CSS training center in Gurgaon, you should opt for web designing course. They would provide you with the latest knowledge which would further help you to gain top position in multinational companies

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