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Best Citrix Training in Gurgaon

Citrix or Citrix Systems is an American based multinational software company providing, mainly, desktop and application virtualisation, software as a service, networking and cloud computing technologies. Fuelled by the vision of liberating technology and with the primary motive of safety, Citrix Systems was founded in 1989 and began by providing remote access development facilities to Microsoft operating systems. Since then, the technology has gained a huge momentum with IT, users, worldwide, adopting this new technology to enhance their workspace infrastructure. The products offered by Citrix Systems include mainly XenDesktop and XenApp. We, at Acil Software Solutions, provide the best Citrix Training in Gurgaon.

What is Citrix and what does the Course entail

            Simply put, Citrix offers products which allow for desktop virtualisation through XenDesktop and XenApp. These are the products for desktop and individual applications respectively that enable users accessing of hardware and applications Without actually being in contact or near to the concerned machinery – say using a tablet from no matter where and from whatever hardware they are using. We are the best Citrix Training Institute in Gurgaon and our course trains students in this widely popular technological advancement.

Tremendously popular with IT departments across the world, Citrix regulates work centralisation and one no longer has o shell out software updates to each individual user but only once. Therefore, Citrix allows for cost reduction and centralising of ownership. We train our students to be compatible with this dynamic environment resultant of the very competitive IT sector so that they are valuable assets to business organizations and IT departments – accompanying and assisting them to rise to the zenith of progress.

Ease of access is the key for Citrix and our course on Citrix Training in Gurgaon assures employees highly skilled at tackling organisational hurdles so that the goal of optimum utilisation of resources is achieved with as much ease. Digital business is the phrase that Citrix uses as its mission and we at Acil make sure that our students deliver nothing short of that itself. Our course includes comprehensive training based on the following grounds:

  • Desktop as a Service or DaaS. We are the best Citrix Training Institute in Gurgaon and our students are fully equipped to shell out this extremely helpful service designed by Citrix to service providers. This service is provided to customers who include desktops and business apps as well as through
    • Citrix Workspace Suite for mobile workspaces
    • Worx Mobile Apps for a secure browser, document and email sharing
  • Software as a Service or SaaS. Focussed on communications and collaboration, we train our students to make organizational operations much flexible by providing Citrix services such as
    • OpenVoice which enables audio conferencing and,
    • Podio, which is cloud-based and a collaboration service
  • Our Citrix Training Course in Gurgaon also involves training students in networking and cloudwhich is inclusive within the Citrix XenServer. This basically facilitates server virtualisation and also designed by Citrix, the following services:
    • Network appliances inclusive of the brand NetScaler
    • WAN optimisation devices
    • ADC or Application Delivery Controllers
    • Software-Defined WAN
    • AppFirewall web application firewall and,
    • Gateways
  • Most importantly, we train our students to develop for business organisations Citrix enhanced desktops and apps.These are the tools related to desktop and applications virtualisation and allows users to access their applications and desktops regardless of their physical affinity to the hardware. There is also the DesktopPlayer that allows Mac users to access virtual desktops of Windows.
  • Our Citrix Training Course in Gurgaon also includes training on the following products and services:
    • XenClient
    • Citrix VDI-in-a-Box
    • ShareFile
    • Citrix Workspace Cloud
    • Citrix Reciever
    • XenMobile
    • AppDNA

Therefore, at the best Citrix Training Institute in Gurgaon, you will be subject to profound acquisition of knowledge of these revolutionary products and services and integrate yourself with an area that is swiftly acquiring a global status and link yourself with top organizations that look forward to having a part in the world of technological revolution.

Why Acil is the best

We at Acil understand the demands that are ever changing with the market and thoroughly train our students to be best equipped in acquainting with highly competitive work environments. What differentiates us from the other institutions is that we believe in whetting the individual talents of trainees so that each of them has a significant place at work and that their potential is utilized to the fullest. So, signing up with our Citrix Training Course in Gurgaon, you will get the perks of:

  • Working under the guidance of the best trainers who are experts and veterans in their field. They have profound knowledge about the subject and have had years of experience. Objective and empathetic in their approach, our trainers treat each student with individual attention so that they are confident of their skills. They are certified professionals which guarantee nothing but success.
  • Getting trained in real time work environments that include:
    • Smart classes with well configured computers
    • Open access to servers that renders a real-time experience
    • Interactive classroom sessions
    • Modern infrastructural facilities
    • Moderate course fees
    • Fully Wi-Fi enabled laboratory
  • Getting placed with top business organizations and MNCs. Our trainers have years of work experience with MNCs in the likes of TCS, Tech Mahindra, IBM, HCL Technologies, L&T Infotech, Birlasoft, Cognizant, among others. They have cordial relations with companies which assure tremendous scope for excellent placement based on the merit of the student.
  • Becoming an employee who is not just capable of providing development assistance but is smart, confident and presentable. Being the best Citrix Training Institute in Gurgaon, we also occupy ourselves in grooming and personality development of the trainees so that they can best cope with the challenging working environment of the IT sector.

To conclude…

Acil Software Solutions provides an all-around curriculum that makes the best developers of students. Our students are perfectly equipped to cope with the dynamic market and make use of the ever-growing IT economy that demands nothing but the best.

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