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Web Designing Course

What is a web designing course?

Web designing is defined as a comprehensive process that includes the creation of websites, online applications, and software. Web designing encompasses aspects that guide us to fabricate distinct webpage layouts and content by making use of graphics, coding, and algorithms. The primary function of a web designer is to plan and design attractive and incredibly innovative websites that entice end users to visit and engage.

Aimed at catering to the needs of both beginners and intermediate web designers, our all-inclusive and easy-to-understand web designing course in gurgaon teaches you fundamental and advanced web design tools and techniques. This course will steer you through essential tools like HTML, CSS and Adobe Dreamweaver. The course also helps examine the principal steps needed for building a website like registering a specific domain name and selecting a hosting account.

difference between web design and web development

What is the difference between web design and web development?

A lot of people have typical misconceptions regarding web design and web development courses. Is it necessary to do a web development course in conjunction with a web design course? The answer to this question is a big “No”. The two domains are mutually exclusive. Even though the terms web development and web design can often be used interchangeably, technically speaking, web design is a subset of the wider category of web development.

Web design refers to the quintessential aesthetic facet of a website and its applicability. Web designers resort to several design programs, for example, Adobe Photoshop, to build the layout and other graphic elements of the, website. Conversely, web developers procure the design and make an operational website from it in reality. Web developers use sundry programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript etc. to bring the web design files to fruition.

You can enroll for and complete a web designing course in gurgaon without the need to do a web development course in tow. In case, you’re interested to make a career in web design, there are basically two parts to it namely Creative and Coding. If you want to specialize in Creative, knowledge of web development isn’t needed. However, in case, you choose to study Coding, concurrent training in web design and web development with proficiency in programming software like JavaScript is required.

What’s the outcome of a web designing course?

By learning web designing and upon completion of the course, at our web designing course near me, you’ll be knowing how to create HTML webpages and add content, links, lists, tables, and images to them. You’ll gain an understanding of the connotation of inheritance, pseudo-classes, cascade, and selectors etc. – concepts which are commonly used in webpages. You’ll familiarize yourself with the use of font, background styles, and style sheets. You’ll be proficient to use Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver to create websites with HTML, CSS or JavaScript coding. The course will make you acquire knowledge of naming conventions, welcome screen, index files, graphical user interface (GUI) and many more settings that are helpful while creating a successful website. On completion of the course, you’ll receive a diploma-level certification to improve your skill sets, make your resume and enhance your career prospects.

Javascript Framework

Why is JavaScript important in web designing?

At the present time, every business has taken to designing their own company website to make every transaction fast as well as customer friendly. The bottom line of all businesses is ROI. That’s why a website that’s appealing to visitors can be accessed effortlessly leading to increased conversions and profitable results. As a pioneering form of client-side scripting language, JavaScript can be utilized along with HTML to write webpages. Its popularity has increased manifold, these days, with a vast majority of websites functioning on JavaScript frameworks that enable simple execution of dynamic content in a webpage.

As a matter of fact, most websites have got their frontend and backend developed on JavaScript. This empowers a lot of companies in building their websites on angular and react frameworks. Having a profound knowledge and expertise in JavaScript thus makes for a promising career move.

Does web designing have a scope?

The scope and foundation of a web designing course in Gurgaon concentrate on the implicit requirement for a web designer to have sway over an aesthetic sense and adeptness to understand the audience needs and deliver an improved web viewing experience through a website’s eclectic and eye-catching designs. In the current digital sphere, every business aims substantial online growth. Thus creating and maintaining a website with products/services having global appeal become imperative. Nowadays web designing is looked upon as an encouraging professional opportunity. It has garnered huge career prospects with numerous industries hiring talented web designers to create and sustain their websites.

Qualification required for our web designing course in Gurgaon

Students who have completed 10th, 10+2 or graduation in any stream are eligible for this course. A flair and a decent understanding of creative skills, aesthetics, color and a grasp over the English language are necessary to make a mark in the domain of web designing.

About our web designing trainers

The trainers at our web designing Institute in Gurgaon have, on an average, more than 18 years of professional experience. Our faculty team creating has accomplished over 200 websites alongside numerous web and mobile layouts and infographics banners. Our trainers are also experts in coding with the most recent technologies. Many of them are currently working as UI/UX designers for top-tier brands.

What topics are covered in our web designing course syllabus in Gurgaon?

Photoshop and Illustrator

Photoshop is a universally recognized software program, developed by Adobe which allows users to create visual elements for webpages and design website layouts. In addition, Photoshop is also used to outline mobile layout, bootstrap grid layout, infographics banner and more. It’s widely used by and web designers graphic artists to manipulate and enhance the overall appearance of images. At our web designing institute in Gurgaon, we teach you the fundamental and advanced tools of Photoshop, learning which is essential for every web designer.

HTML 1.0, 4.0 5.0, CSS 2.0, 3.0

HTML is used in the coding of web design. The language is easy to learn. With our training at the web designing institute in Gurgaon, we help you learn designing website frontend and backend with HTML. We cover the basics of HTML and guide you design a perfect looking website. We incorporate education and information about the latest technologies used in HTML 5.0 which help you acquire skills to manage web services, Google APIs, local storage, session storage and many more.

SVG and Canvas

These elements help reduce the heaviness of a website and make it more agile, easy and manageable. You can remove superfluous images from your website your and improve website’s speed. SVG and Canvas tags also find usage in the design of parallax websites and animation.


It’s an object-oriented programming software commonly used in conjunction with HTML to develop and validate websites. Its inherent client-side scripting allows effortless and dynamic loading of one webpage over another. In the present times, JavaScript is also used to obtain data from other websites and manage them across a variety of devices.


It’s essentially a JavaScript library replete with pre-defined codes that help develop webpages with minimal errors and in the shortest possible time. The software helps users execute website validation, create animation and toggle. Our web designing course in Gurgaon includes the basic and advanced concepts of jQuery.

Angular and React.js

Angular is a comprehensive JavaScript framework and React is an all-embracing JavaScript library. Both of them are commonly used to develop website frontend and backend. Angular makes use of data flow a bidirectional process by which it directly updates the Real DOM. React, on the other hand, updates only the Virtual DOM through a unidirectional data flow mechanism.

Mongo DB and MySQL

These are databases used by Angular to store its data. Learning Mongo DB and MySQL is a prerequisite to acquiring a knowledge of Angular.


These programming languages are used to fetch data from APIs in support with HTTP or web services and display on the webpages.

Ftp and Github

These applications are used for data uploading and downloading from and into the servers respectively

Dreamweaver and Notepad ++

These are coding software using HTML and CSS that create webpages and applications with the least coding errors. They help you design, implement and deploy webpages on the servers. With our training, you become proficient in using the several tools and features of this software.


Responsive web designs have garnered immense significance as they’re mobile friendly and can be used on all devices while on the go. Responsive increases your website’s visibility, lead generation, customer conversions, and sales. We help you a get trained in, designing responsive ubiquitous website and controlling it by virtue of media queries.


Bootstrap is a package built from HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes which supports the design and styling of a responsive website. Bootstrap themes showcase different UI components and page layouts which can be employed to fabricate websites.


In this section, you have lessons on how to create design files, wireframe and convert to HTML. The workflow encompasses the design of a Photoshop Document (PSD) and its eventual conversion into codes by using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Why is web designing important in the ever-growing digital market?

  • A great web design facilitates easy navigation and allows end users reach your website effortlessly.
  • Web design gives assistance to cater to the overall commercial and promotional needs of an enterprise through peripheral creations like brochures, logos and many more.
  • A compelling web design enhances usability by attracting a sizeable customer base for a website through responsive and versatile interactions.
  • A beautifully designed, well-organized website appeals to your target customers, makes them return and do business time and again.
  • The right marketing strategies coupled with interactive web design impart considerable value and quality thereby gaining your customers’ trust and confidence over time.
  • You can elevate your brand prominence by adding your company’s logo, brochures, and other printing materials to the primary web design and help customers recognize your brand with ease.

Why handpick Acil for your web designing course in Gurgaon?

  • Our trainers and faculty members are analysts, consultants, researchers, and managers from mainstream professions having more than 18 years of experience and expertise in web design.
  • Our training curriculum is designed with simple tutoring techniques in line with the latest industry benchmarks.
  • Being responsible and having a thorough understanding of the market scenario, we provide our students with portfolio development and placement assistance in top MNCs with fetching salaries.
  • Our study materials include books and soft copies of tutorials that are technology focused and consolidate a broad range of subjects.
  • We offer job oriented training materials which concentrate on overall skill formation and enhancement.
  • Our web designing course Online renders best-in-class training facilities with fully air-conditioned classrooms and ultra-modern laboratory equipped with latest infrastructure, Wi-Fi, projectors, live racks, and round-the-clock internet connectivity.
  • We offer flexible timings and relevant guidance in accordance with the participants’ needs and preferences.
  • To improve the knowledge base of our students, we provide opportunities of training on live projects with complex technical concepts of creating static, dynamic, Parallax and One-Page animation websites imparted through comfortable and straight-forward coaching.
  • We arrange complimentary training sessions on spoken English, personality development, group discussions, and mock interviews in order to hone the candidates’ presentation skills.
  • We facilitate students with additional classes and sessions amid extra time slots to do unlimited practice at no extra cost.
  • Sample question papers, study materials, technical and HR interview questionnaires are provided to assist students score impressive marks.
  • Our course completion certificates are industry approved and globally recognized.
  • We offer reasonably priced course fees payable through convenient payment modes like cash, cards, check and net banking.

Why does a career in web designing matter?

Keeping in mind the internet, mobile and eCommerce explosion in the past few decades the significance of user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites is paramount. Herein, a web designer can exploit his true potentials with finest standards of creative acumen and technical abilities and earn handsome compensation including bonuses and commissions. Anyone can also work as a freelancer in addition to their mainstream profession after completing this course.

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