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What is a web designing?

Web Designing Course is a comprehensive process that includes creating websites, online applications, and software. Our Web Designing Training encompasses aspects that guide us to fabricate different Website layouts Design and Pages using graphics, coding, and Logical algorithms. The primary function of a web designer is to plan and design attractive and incredibly innovative websites that entice end users to visit and engage.

Aimed at catering to the needs of both beginners and intermediate web designers, our all-inclusive and easy-to-understand web designing course in Gurgaon teaches you fundamental and advanced web design tools and techniques. This course will steer you through essential tools like HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Visual Studio Code, Bootstrap, React, Angular, and Adobe Dreamweaver. The course also helps examine the main steps needed for building a website, like registering a specific domain name and selecting a hosting account.

Web Designing Course Objective

  • Introduction to web and mobile technologies.
  • How to Create Websites for Web and Mobile?
  • How do websites work?
  • Client and Server Site Scripting
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Static Website and Dynamic Websites
  • Parallax and One Page Scrolling Websites
  • WCAG and W3c Standards
  • Website Designing and Development
  • Use of Canvas and SVG on Website

Who can take web design training?

  • 10th, 10+2, Graduates or non-graduates.
  • Diploma Students who have basic computer knowledge.
  • Call centers persons.
  • Or anyone interested in joining a web designing course in Gurgaon.

This course is chosen by anyone who wants to learn the art of web designing. Those Students who want to create a website using HTML4.0 and HTML 5.0 and CSS 2.0,3.0 can join our web designing course in Gurgaon. Those people who want to make their website or work on freelance projects can join this course.

Web Designing Course Duration & Placement

There are few courses in web designing and development. All Courses are compared in the table below with Average Salary, Selection Ratio, and Job Assistance:

Course Duration Placement Placement Ratio Average Starting Salary
Web Designing Course 2-3 Months Job Assistance 28% 8K/Month
Web Development Course 3 Months Job Assistance 39% 8K/Month
Full Web Designing Course + Real Project Training 6 Months 100 % Job Guarantee 100% 25K/Month
Full Web Development Course + Real Project Training 6 Months 100 % Job Guarantee 100% 25K/Month
Front-end Development + Real Project Training 9 Months 100 % Job Guarantee 100% 25K/Month
Full Stack Development + Real Project Work 12-15 Months 100 % Job Guarantee 100% 30K/Month

Job roles related to web designing course

  • Website Designer
  • Graphic Web Designer
  • UI Designer
  • UI Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • PHP Web Developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Backend Developer

Software Covered in web designing course: –

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • HTML 4.0
  • HTML 5.0
  • CSS 2.0/3.0
  • Less CSS
  • Saas Css
  • Oops in Css
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • SVG and Canvas
  • FTP
  • Bootstrap
  • WordPress
  • Magneto
  • PHP
  • React Js – Core and Native
  • React – Redux
  • React – Thunk
  • React – Saga
  • Node Js
  • Mongo DB
  • MySQL
  • Angular js
  • Express js
  • Ejs and Jade
  • React Bootstrap
  • Typescript
  • Github
  • Gitlab
  • Aws/Cloud
  • Ngnix
  • Debugging
  • Linix
  • SVN

What you will learn during Web designing training in Gurgaon?

  • Create a Website by using Photoshop and illustrator
  • Design Websites by using a bootstrap grid
  • Design User Interface
  • Design Home Page and Inner Pages of Web layout
  • Design Layout for Mobile Devices
  • Typography in Visual Design
  • Create Custom Grid for Web, Mobile, and Tablet
  • Create Web pages for Static websites, Dynamic Websites, Booking Engines, Social engines, etc.
  • Basics of HTML
  • What is Difference between HTML 4.0 vs HTML 5.0. How is it used, and what benefits?
  • Order List and Unordered List
  • Create Image, Tables forms, and Special Character
  • Difference between class and id. Where did it use it?
  • Types of Classes – inline CSS, External CSS, and Internal CSS.
  • HTML5 Tags- Header, Footer, Nav, Section, Video, Audio, Article, Aside & Time, Data Attribute
  • Difference between Fixed, Fluid, Adaptive, and Responsive Websites.
  • W3c Validation for HTML and CSS
  • Color, Style, Formatting and background images, styling links.
  • How to work with canvas and SVG elements.
  • Animation by using CSS 3.0
  • What is parallax scrolling in websites, and how is it used?
  • What is Perspective Animation
  • How we use LESS CSS and SAAS CSS
  • How we make the grid system by using CSS
  • Create Popup, Lightbox, sliding by using jQuery
  • How we create a Newsletter by using tables
  • Basic and Advanced jQuery – Selectors, Events Methods, Event Bubble, Toggle, Add and Remove Classes, Slide Toggle, etc.
  • PHP Basis
  • WordPress and Magneto Theme Implementation
  • Responsive design using bootstrap, foundation, and custom CSS
  • JavaScript Fundamentals i.e Function, Array, Objects, Output, Input

What topics are covered in our web designing course syllabus in Gurgaon?

Photoshop and Illustrator

Photoshop is a universally recognized software program developed by Adobe that allows users to create visual elements for web pages and design website layouts. In addition, Photoshop is also used to outline mobile layouts, bootstrap grid layouts, infographics banners, and more. It’s widely used by web designers and graphic artists to manipulate and enhance the overall appearance of images. At our web designing institute in Gurgaon, we teach you the fundamental and advanced tools of Photoshop, learning which is essential for every web designer. Get More details about the topic covered in photoshop and illustrator.

HTML 1.0, 4.0 5.0, CSS 2.0, 3.0

HTML is used in the coding of web designing courses. The language is easy to learn. With our training at the web designing institute in Gurgaon, we help you learn to design websites front-end and back-end with HTML. We cover the basics of HTML and guide you to design a perfect-looking website. We incorporate education and information about the latest technologies used in HTML 5.0, which help you acquire skills to manage web services, Google APIs, local storage, session storage, and many more.

HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0 Syllabus

SVG and Canvas

These elements help reduce the heaviness of a website and make it more agile, easy and manageable. You can remove unnecessary images from your website and improve the website’s speed. SVG and Canvas tags also find usage in the design of parallax websites and animation.


It’s an object-oriented programming software commonly used in conjunction with HTML to develop and validate websites. Its inherent client-side scripting allows the effortless and dynamic loading of one webpage over another. In the present times, JavaScript is also used to obtain data from other websites and manage them across a variety of devices. Want to know about JavaScript Syllabus and Course Content


Node js is an open-source framework. Earlier, we could not connect the server to the client in JavaScript, but with the help of the node, we can connect the server to the client and create a database. Click to get more information about Node Js syllabus and course


It’s essentially a JavaScript library replete with pre-defined codes that help develop web pages with minimal errors and in the shortest possible time. The software helps users execute website validation, create animation, and toggle. Our web designing course in Gurgaon includes the basic and advanced concepts of jQuery.

  • What is jQuery
  • How to use jQuery
  • jQuery Version
  • jQuery Syntax
  • Escape String in jQuery
  • Handling Attributes
  • Insert and Remove Element in jQuery
  • Get Dimensions
  • Positioning in jQuery
  • Show and Hide Function
  • Append and Prepend
  • Slide Down and Slide Up
  • Slide Toggle
  • Custom Animation
  • Events in jQuery
  • How we use Ajax in jQuery
  • Window. Ready and Window. Load Function
  • Read JSON Files
  • on Click, on Blur, mouseover events
  • Click and on Click Events
  • Live events
  • Create Toggle Animation
  • Create Dropdown – Multilevel using jQuery
  • Tabs Design with jQuery
  • Accordion using jQuery
  • Popup & Lightbox Design
  • Insert CSS and HTML using jQuery
  • Transversal Function
  • Special Character
  • Conflict in jQuery


Angular is a comprehensive JavaScript framework, and React an all-embracing JavaScript library. Both of them are commonly used to develop website frontend and backend. Angular makes use of data flow, a bidirectional process by which it directly updates the Real DOM. Click for Angular Syllabus and Course Content

React.js and React Native

React is a javascript library that Facebook develops. It contains MVC structures where a developer builds a web application using Controller, Views, and Model.

React Native is a framework of javascript. It is similar to react. However, here View is used for frontend instead of Div. React Both android and ios support natively.

React Js Syllabus

React Thunk and React Saga

React Thunk is a Middleware of React used to make Redux Function Async. It is run with React-Redux, where the store and dispatch method includes storing data inside the state. Where React Saga is also a middleware used for API Calls in Redux, it is a background process and completed work on Generator Function. These topics are not included in React j’s Course Syllabus.


JEST is a Javascript Framework used for Unit testing of React. It works on multiple projects like Babel, Typescript, Node Js, and React Js.

Mongo DB and MySQL

These are databases used by Angular to store its data. Therefore, learning Mongo DB and MySQL is a prerequisite to acquiring knowledge of Angular.


These programming languages fetch data from APIs in support of HTTP or web services and display it on the web pages.

Ftp and Github

These applications are used for data uploading and downloading from and into the servers.

Dreamweaver and Notepad ++

These coding software using HTML and CSS create web pages and applications with the least coding errors. In addition, they help you design, implement and deploy webpages on the servers. With our training, you become proficient in using this software’s several tools and features.


Responsive web designs have garnered immense significance as they’re mobile-friendly and can be used on all devices while on the go. Responsive increases your website’s visibility, lead generation, customer conversions, and sales. We help you learn to design ubiquitous responsive website and control it with media queries.


Bootstrap is a package built from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes that supports the design and styling of a responsive website. Bootstrap themes showcase different UI components and page layouts that can be employed to fabricate websites.


In this section, you have lessons on creating design files and wireframes and convert to HTML. The workflow encompasses the design of a Photoshop Document (PSD) and its eventual conversion into codes using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Web designing Projects

Web Designer Jobs Responsibilities.

  • Create HTML for Website Pages
  • Website Maintenance and changes
  • Execute all visual design from the concept
  • Create Newsletter and Infographics
  • Remove website issues related to website designing.
  • Translating high-level requirements to flows and interface
  • Retouching and Image Editing Works
  • Meeting with the client and discussing the requirement
  • Create Excel Files on Project Report/Status
  • Convert PSD to Responsive HTML and CSS. Dynamic Website Design, Static Website Design, Theme Design, Template Design
  • Design and Develop interfaces for responsive websites and applications
  • Build simple programs by using JavaScript
  • Validate Website on W3c and WCAG Methods
  • Create graphical assets such as images, SVG, icons, and styles.
  • He will be responsible for extending the website, which he has done.
  • Backup files from the website to local folders
  • Checking Code and make sure it meets industry standards
  • Checking the website to all browsers and devices and making sure it shows correctly on a different platform.
  • Communicate with other team members

Career after completing the web design course in Gurgaon.

  • There is a lot of opening for website designers and developers in India.
  • Digital India is creating lots of jobs for website designers and developers
  • Growing the website can increase jobs for designers
  • You do not need to worry about jobs after successful completion of our web designing course in Gurgaon

Why handpick Acil for your web designing course in Gurgaon?

  • Our trainers and faculty members are analysts, consultants, researchers, and managers from mainstream professions having more than 18 years of experience and expertise in web designing training in Gurgaon.
  • Our training curriculum for the web designing course is designed with simple tutoring techniques in line with the latest industry benchmarks.
  • Being responsible and having a thorough understanding of the market scenario, we provide our students with portfolio development and placement assistance in top MNCs with fetching salaries.
  • Our study materials include books and soft copies of technology-focused tutorials that consolidate a broad range of subjects.
  • We offer job-oriented training materials that concentrate on overall skill formation and enhancement.
  • Our web designing course in Gurgaon renders best-in-class training facilities with fully air-conditioned classrooms and an ultra-modern laboratory equipped with the latest infrastructure, Wi-Fi, projectors, live racks, and round-the-clock internet connectivity.
  • We offer flexible timings and relevant guidance on the participants’ needs and preferences.
  • To improve the knowledge base of our students, we provide opportunities for training on live projects with complex technical concepts of creating static, dynamic, Parallax, and One-Page animation websites imparted through comfortable and straightforward coaching.
  • We arrange complimentary training sessions on spoken English, personality development, group discussions, and mock interviews to hone the candidates’ presentation skills.
  • We facilitate students with additional classes and sessions amid extra time slots to do unlimited practice at no extra cost.
  • Sample question papers, study materials, and technical and HR interview questionnaires are provided to assist students in scoring impressive marks.
  • Our Web Designing course completion certificates are industry-approved and globally recognized.
  • We offer reasonably priced course fees payable through convenient payment modes like cash, cards, checks, and net banking.

What you will get after the Web designing course in Gurgaon?

  • Career Guidance from industry expert’s trainer for Job and Freelancing
  • 100% Job Guarantee or Money Back Guarantee.
  • 100% Quality Website Deliver
  • Complete offline learning notes and code files
  • Know the Latest Tricks in Website Designing
  • Portfolio Creation of Website Designer
  • We also provide internship and training to our students.
  • Live Project Portfolio and Work on Client Level

100% Placement Assistance Program

  • We provide 100% Placement Assistance in Top Companies
  • Help in CV Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Layout Design and HTML Exam
  • Layout Interviews to enhance your knowledge and speed
  • Any working professional can join in Web Designing Training in Gurgaon
  • You work on Live Website Design Projects

Latest Placement in Web Designing

  • Placement Bhuvesh Singla

    Bhuvesh Singla

    Full Stack Developer – 14 LPA
  • Placement Deepak Tyagi

    Deepak Tyagi

    Frontend Developer – 9 LPA
  • Placement Deepak Beniwal

    Deepak Beniwal

    Backend Developer – 5 LPA
  • Placement Pawan Kumar Mall

    Pawan Kumar Mall

    Web Developer – 4.6 LPA
  • Placement Shivam


    React Developer – 11 LPA
  • Placement Shivendra Singh

    Shivendra Singh

    Frontend Developer – 5.2 LPA

Student Feedback

  • Shivam Reviews
  • Deepak Reviews
  • Bhuvesh Web Reviews

About our web designing trainers

On average, the trainers at our web designing Institute in Gurgaon have more than 18 years of professional experience. Our faculty team has accomplished over 200 websites alongside numerous web and mobile layouts and infographics banners. Our trainers are also experts in coding with the most recent technologies. Many are currently working as UI/UX designers for top-tier brands.

Recent Batch

  • Student Batch
  • Student Batch
difference between web design and web development

What is the difference between web design and web development?

Many people have typical misconceptions regarding web design and web development courses. Is it necessary to do a web development course in conjunction with a web design course? The answer to this question is a big “No.” The two domains are mutually exclusive. Even though the terms web development and web design can often be used interchangeably, technically speaking, web design is a subset of the broader category of web development.

Web design refers to the ideal aesthetic facet of a website and its applicability. Web designers resort to several design programs, for example, Adobe Photoshop, to build the website’s layout and other graphic elements. Conversely, web developers procure the design and make a functional website from it in reality. Web developers use sundry programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc., to bring the web design files to fruition.

You can enroll for and complete a web designing course in Gurgaon without the need to do a web development course in tow. If you’re interested in making a career in web design, there are two parts to it: Creative and Coding. If you want to specialize in Creative, knowledge of web development isn’t needed. However, concurrent training in web design and web development with proficiency in programming software like JavaScript is required if you choose to study Coding.

What’s the outcome of a web designing course?

By learning web designing and completing the course at our Web Designing Institute in Gurgaon, you’ll know how to create HTML webpages and add content, links, lists, tables, and images to them. You’ll understand the connotation of inheritance, pseudo-classes, cascade, selectors, etc. – concepts commonly used in webpages. You’ll familiarize yourself with font, background styles, and style sheets. You’ll proficiently use Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver to create websites with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript coding. The course will teach you about naming conventions, welcome screens, index files, graphical user interface (GUI), and helpful settings while creating a successful website. Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a diploma-level certification to improve your skill sets, make your resume and enhance your career prospects.

Javascript Framework

Why is JavaScript important in web designing?

At present, every business has taken to designing their company website to make every transaction fast as well as customer friendly. The bottom line of all companies is ROI. That’s why a website appealing to visitors can be accessed effortlessly, leading to increased conversions and profitable results. As a pioneering client-side scripting language, JavaScript can be utilized along with HTML to write web pages. As a result, its popularity has increased, with most websites functioning on JavaScript frameworks that enable the simple execution of dynamic content in a webpage.

As a matter of fact, most websites have got their front-end and back-end developed on JavaScript. This empowers a lot of companies in building their websites on angular and react frameworks. Having a profound knowledge and expertise in JavaScript thus makes for a promising career move.

Does web designing have a scope?

The scope and foundation of a web designing course in Gurgaon concentrate on the implicit requirement for a web designer to have sway over an aesthetic sense and adeptness to understand the audience’s needs and deliver an improved web viewing experience through a website’s eclectic and eye-catching designs. In the current digital sphere, every business aims for substantial online growth. Thus creating and maintaining a website with products/services having global appeal becomes imperative. Nowadays, web designing is looked upon as an encouraging professional opportunity. It has garnered substantial career prospects with numerous industries hiring talented web designers to create and sustain their websites.

Why is web designing important in the ever-growing digital market?

  • A great web design facilitates easy navigation and allows end-users to reach your website effortlessly.
  • Web design assists in catering to an enterprise’s overall commercial and promotional needs through peripheral creations like brochures, logos, and many more.
  • A compelling web design enhances usability by attracting a sizeable customer base for a website through responsive and versatile interactions.
  • A beautifully designed, well-organized website appeals to your target customers, making them return and do business repeatedly.
  • The right marketing strategies and interactive web design impart considerable value and quality, thereby gaining your customers’ trust and confidence over time.
  • You can elevate your brand prominence by adding your company’s logo, brochures, and other printing materials to the primary web design and help customers easily recognize your brand.

Why does a career in web designing matter?

Keeping in mind the internet, mobile, and eCommerce explosion in the past few decades, the significance of user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing websites is paramount. Herein, a web designer can exploit his true potential with the most acceptable standards of creative insight and technical abilities and earn handsome compensation, including bonuses and commissions. After completing this course, anyone can also work as a freelancer in addition to their mainstream profession.

FAQ’s for Web Designing Course in Gurgaon

What are the course fees and duration of Web Designing & Development Training in Gurgaon?

The Course duration of a complete web designing course is approx. one year. If a student wants to get a high-salary job in Web Designing & Web development in Gurgaon, he must spend approximately one year. Acil, the best web development training institute, takes fees every month. We do not charge one-time fees or 1-2 installments. Fees may vary according to selected courses.

Which one is in high demand – Web Designer or Web Developers?

Nowadays, Web Developers are in high demand. If you did the web designing and web development course, you must start with a good salary. There are multiple jobs after completing this course like Web Designer, Front-end Developer, Full Stack Developer, Back-end Developer, Native Developer, Ui Developer, or Web Developer. Students can choose one of them by completing this Web Designing and Development Training in Gurgaon.

Is there a 100% Guarantee after completing this course?

Yes, Acil, the best web designing and development institute gave you a 100% WRITTEN GUARANTEE after completing this course. Students can choose one of them by completing this Web Designing Course in Gurgaon

How much time do I need to give on daily basis to become a designer or developer?

The student must give 4-5 hours daily to become a developer or designer. It depends upon the caching power and learning skills of that students.

What is the Starting salary of a Web Designer or Developer?

  • Web Designer or UI Developer – 15,000 – 20,000
  • Front-end Developer – 20,000 – 25,000
  • Back-end Developer, Native Developer – 20,000 – 35,000

Is an internship is mandatory after completing this web designing and development course in Gurgaon?

No, A student does not need an internship after completing this course. Acil Trained you on Real Live Projects of our clients. We have more than 500+ Live Projects where we gave chances to learn from students on real live projects. If a student can learn on live projects, he can start with the starting salary of the selected profile.

Which one is better in Web Development Course in Gurgaon – PHP or JavaScript?

According to the market survey, a Web Development course with JavaScript is must better and high salary scope rather than PHP. Therefore, if a student wants to start with a promising career, then he must try a web designing course or web development course with JavaScript and Reacts Development Course.

I am working as a Web Designer? Can i become a Web Developer?

Web designers are increasingly turning into website developers. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion around what a website designer and web developer do. The web Designer designs the layout and visual elements of the site while software engineers and developers do the actual development work. To Become a Web Developer, You need to learn different programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, React, Node js, Python, .NET, etc., which help design website functionality, including user interfaces, databases, and server infrastructure.

If We Move our profile from web designer to web developer, Will i get same salary or get some hike

Currently, there are plenty of jobs available with a large number of vacancies. People with expertise in website development can find these opportunities quickly and successfully. We train you in a way that you got 50-60% hike in the current salary, maybe in the same firm you are working.

I am working on different field, how I become a web designer after experience on other field?

Our essential to advance Website designing course helps you to become a professional website designer. Below is the list of things on which we seriously focus:
The basics of Web design principles and principals, HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Javascript, layout design principles.
To Clear and Make you understand the the capabilities and limitations of different design software for designing for mobile devices or creating responsive designs for various screen sizes.
Allocating Industry based projects to polish your skills.

I want to learn on Real project, Will our institute help us?

Yes, In this course, you will learn how to create a website from scratch to the ground up totally on real projects

What is responsive web designing?

A responsive web design way supports web page on all devices. When we build a responsive website, it supports all devices i.e Mobile, Android, iPhone, Tablet, Android Tab, Desktop and Mac. We use a meta tag to make a responsive website. Responsive images and content are nicely fit to any browser size.

What is salaried range while completed a web designing course in Gurgaon?

Due to Growing Demand for website designer, the salary range is increasing daily in web designing and development. As per the pay scale, the average salary of the website designer is 60,000 Per Month

What coding web designer needs to make a website?

The basic code used to design a website is HTML and CSS. The most advanced coding to build a website is jQuery, JavaScript, SVG, CANVAS, LESS CSS and SAAS CSS.

Is web designing being a good career?

Yes, Website Designing is a good career. Student can earn a lot of money from a job and freelancing from website designing course in Gurgaon

How can I pay the fees for a web designing course?

Acil can understand the financial problems of student and they offer to pay fees as monthly installments without any additional charges

Is there any job guarantee after completing this course?

Yes, We gave a 100% written and money-back job guarantee after completing this course. We are already connected with a lot of recruiters and companies in Gurgaon

What I do after completing a web designing course?

After completing this course you can work in a web designing company or work as a freelancer. You can choose the Web Development course to move your carrier forward or to earn more money in this field.

Does Website Design Require Coding?

Yes, Website designing is not limited to designing only, it requires coding also. The website design must have a strong knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Can I become a Web Designer or Web Developer without having a degree?

Yes, you can become a designer or developer without having a degree. Lots of students having 10th,12th or B.A qualification can join this web designing course and become a developer. To join this web designing course you need to be good at mathematics and reasoning. Students with a good concept of mathematics and logic can join this web designing course.

What is Live Project-based Training? Why is it important while joining a web designing course?

Live Project-based Training in Web Designing course helps a student to get a job. If a student can join a web designing course, then he needs to join an internship in web designing at any company because Live Project is provided only at the company, however, ACIL provides you both training and internship at one place. Here students can join our web designing course and work on our live client-based projects to get the real experience.

How do I become a web designer or web developer if I have a big gap in my academic education?

Don’t worry about the gap, if you have good skills which are have a significant demand in the market then you will get a good job after completing this web designing course. Many students prepare themselves for a government job after a degree but do not secure government jobs. So if you are looking for a web designing course to move your career then you must choose this. We prepare many students with a gap of 4-5 years and start their job with a good salary.