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Online MERN Stack Development Course

MERN can be abbreviated as MongoDB, Express, React, and Node, after the four core technologies that make up this stack. MERN stack is a set of high-end and robust technologies. MERN stack is a very user-friendly JavaScript framework. It is used to create scalable, dynamic, and unique web applications comprising database, front-end, and back-end components.

It is a JS that is utilized for easier and faster web development. This is a direct outcome of its open-source nature, cost-efficiency, user experience execution and delivery, and ease of moving between client and server. MERN enables you to create a three-tier architecture using JSON and JavaScript easily. MERN has an easy learning curve, so beginners can easily understand it. MERN stack boosts the overcall application’s performance.

Who can do this course?

People who pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related domain may join the Online MERN stack Development training program. Moreover, if you want to learn the Online MERN stack in a shorter time, you may also learn MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js before joining the course.

  • Freshers/Graduates/ Software Developers
  • Front end Developers, Developers, Web Designers, Full stack developers
  • Migrate using React for your application development
  • One who wants to become a Mern stack developer?

Career & Salary Growth in Mern Stack

Due to the increasing demand for full-stack developers, several people are moving towards MERN stack training programs. Indeed, it is a lucrative career choice. Additionally, it is easy to learn the MERN stack within a short time with industry experts. Also, MERN stack developers get higher salaries as per different factors:

Salary as per experience

  • The entry-level MERN stack developers may get 4 LPA.
  • The medium-level stack developer may get approximately 7.7 LPA.
  • The expert-level Mern Stack developer may get a salary of 10 LPA.

Salary as per the Location

  • Bangalore:4.59 LPA
  • Chennai: 4 LPA
  • Pune: 5 LPA
  • Coimbatore: 3.25 LPA
  • Hyderabad: 3.7 LPA

Salary as per the Company

  • Infosys: 3.5 LPA
  • Larsen and Tubro: 4 LPA
  • Ernst & Young: 4.2 LPA
  • Classic Informatics Pvt Ltd: 4.26 LPA
  • Sapphire Software Solutions: 3.89 LPA

Salary of a Mern stack developer as per the skills

  • React.js: 4 LPA
  • MongoDB : 3 LPA
  • Express.js : 3.75 LPA
  • Node.js: 3.25 LPA
  • JavaScript : 3 LPA

Why take this course?

  • A full-fledged MERN stack course will help you get the required knowledge and skills to create high-performing, feature-rich, and modern web applications.
  • This course enables you to learn MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js, as these four technologies make MERN a full package.
  • You may create apps like Facebook using React, which has lots of packages and good support.
  • The course is designed to fulfill modern IT industry requirements so you can start working on your full-stack development projects easily.
  • The course package gives a lot of knowledge to clear the interview questions.
  • The course provides strong confidence to a fresher who wants to start development tasks from the first day of joining.

Training Highlight

  • Learn to create complex websites using Mern stack.
  • Learn to build API’s in Node JS.
  • Learn to Image upload, deploy Heroku, and Forget & reset passwords.
  • Learn to test the endpoints using Postman.
  • Work on integrating MongoDB, Express JS, React JS, and Node JS.
  • Build highly responsive websites with media queries.
  • Create modern, advanced HTML and CSS techniques like grid and flexbox.
  • Any technical graduates, job seekers, and laterals can enhance their knowledge.
  • Learn the React lifecycle and its phases.
  • Know how to implement custom hooks.

How will you get your certificate and internship?

Getting a certificate and internship in the MERN stack can be a great choice to build your strong portfolio, gain practical experience, and build a strong network in your domain. Know how to get a certificate and internship for MERN in 2023:

Build your skills

Start working on building your skills by taking online courses. Moreover, it creates a strong foundation in JavaScript.

Create a portfolio

Create code samples and your portfolio to demonstrate your experience and skills to desired employers.

Build a network with professionals

Connect with industry professionals, join multiple online developer communities, and attend industry events to learn about internship opportunities and expand your network.

Apply for internships

Look for internship programs through company websites and job boards. Create a strong resume and cover letter.

Prepare for interviews

Get ready for the interview process. Be prepared and confident. Employers may ask you technical questions and coding challenges.

How will your training work?

  • Watch the video
  • Hands-on practice in a virtual lab
  • Do project work
  • Give final quiz
  • Get a certificate in MERN Stack Developer

What project will you build?

Booking Engine

Create a Booking Engine using CSS, back-end APIs, and HTML technologies.

eCommerce Portal

Build a responsive and dynamic e-commerce portal using technologies like MongoDB, ExpressJS, React, and NodeJS.

Education Application

Build an education app from scratch using MongoDB, website services, and JavaScript framework.

Job Application

Build an effective and dynamic healthcare app. Create an effective and feature-rich job application full stack technologies.

How will your doubts be solved?

Your trainer is the best person to clear your doubts. They can help you know the topics in detail and clarify any confusion. You can ask questions in class or through online portals. Refer to several information sources, use handbooks, etc. sources, to get a clear understanding of concepts.


What are the requirements for joining the program?

To join the program, you need to be a graduate or a final-year student. It’s preferable to have a background in technology, but it’s not mandatory.

Can I enroll in this program if I need a coding background?

Yes, you can complete this program regardless of your educational or professional background. All you need to do is dedicate your time and effort to the program, attend live sessions, and complete assignments on time. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

Does non-technical work experience count?

Yes, any work experience, regardless of your current job role, will be considered as work experience.

Can I apply for the program if I have a gap after graduation and don’t currently have a job?

Yes, you can still apply for the program even if you have a gap after graduation and are currently unemployed.

How many live sessions must I attend?

Live sessions will be held on weekends. To complete the program, you must attend at least 80% of these sessions.

How does the Interview Opportunity Program function?

The Guaranteed Interview Opportunity Program offers prospective learners from partner companies a clear pathway to secure an interview. Each company requires learners to fulfill the program requirements specified by upGrad. Qualified learners will have the chance to interview with partner companies. upGrad’s placement team will contact eligible learners during the 6th month or within six months after completing the program.

Furthermore, this program aims to bridge the gap between education and employment by providing learners with valuable industry connections and real-world opportunities.

Are there any interest or processing fees for EMI (Monthly Fees)?

Standard charges will apply as per the loan partner’s policy, which you will need to bear.

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