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React Js Training in Gurgaon

What is React Js

React is a library of javascript used to build a user application or user interface. It is also used to build a single page application. React can render HTML in javascript by using JSX by which it easy to build reusable UI for an application. Before starting with React Javascript you must be familiar with Javascript and Typescript. If you don’t know Javascript or Typescript then you can work on React Js or React Native

What is the future scope of React Js?

ReactJS has seen rapid growth as developers adopt this library to build rich and interactive applications. React is now used by Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb and Netflix among other companies. It’s also getting some adoption among startups as well as independent developers. The future scope of react Js will be more on making apps with large scale and new features rather than just applications running on single browser or browser extensions/plugins/add-ons like we saw in the past few years.

How much react developer earn?

There are many different factors that contribute to how much a developer earns. Some of these are skillset, experience, location, company size, and education. React developers make an average rate of $82,000 per year according to Salary.com. The jobs for React developers are diverse and offer opportunities for people with different levels of skill sets. Some jobs require extensive knowledge in computer programming languages whereas others require little or no knowledge at all. The salaries also vary depending on the skill sets required for each job type.

What is Javascript

This is a scripting language which uses to control web pages. It is a programming language for the web. We can easily update HTML and CSS both by using this scripting language. Javascript can calculate, manipulate, and validate data. If you want to know more about javascript then you need to join our Web Development Course with Javascript and React.

Is React a framework or library?

React is a JavaScript library that helps developers create interactive web applications without having to write any additional code. React is a JavaScript library that helps developers create interactive web applications without having to write any additional code. React provides an easy-to-use declarative interface for building user interfaces. A library is an independent tool that provides solutions to certain types of problems. A framework is a collection of libraries that work together to create an end-to-end solution for specific problems. In short, frameworks are collections of libraries while libraries are standalone tools. Libraries can work as standalone as well but they usually depend on other libraries from the framework to provide them with functionality.

Is react easier than JavaScript?

The answer is yes. React has a more concise syntax which makes it easier for developers to write code. This brevity also makes it easy for other developers to understand what is written without any ambiguity. React also has better performance with less code per second than JSX, which uses JavaScript to create HTML elements with dynamic data (hence why it’s called JSX). React has many advantages over JSX, but there are some key differences between them that might be confusing or misleading to novice developers.

What are the future of ReactJS developers?

Looking at available trends, it is safe to say that Reactjs will continue to grow and gain momentum as one of the key libraries for building user interfaces. Its continuous growth can be attributed to its growing popularity that started with Facebook’s decision to adopt it as their main frontend library and also due to its increased usage in other industries like video games and mobile apps development.

I’m done with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Should I learn React.js or React Native?

We are discussing about both the technologies below so that you can decide that should you learn React.js or React Native? React Native provides a different approach to the development of apps in comparison to React.js. It is based on native technology and gives you access to advanced features that are not available in web-based applications. React Native is growing in popularity due to its cost efficiency and ability to provide cross-platform support. It also provides an easy way for developers to learn React, which is otherwise difficult to learn when you are using JavaScript for your development process. The advantages of learning React Native include its accessibility, time efficiency, and cross-platform capability. Its disadvantages include limited browser support (e.g., not all browsers work with it) and the need for more code than what can be written in JSX (React’s equivalent of HTML).

Difference between React js and React Native

React Js is used to build a web application where react native is used to build a mobile application. In this, most coding is the same as states, components, and hooks but the major difference between them is the UI of both applications. In React Js HTML CSS are used but in React Native View and Stylesheet is used to build Application. If you are familiar with HTML CSS then you can easily understand View and Styles because both are the same but santex is different. Only there will be a difference in a few new things. Also in react native there some more important features like Camera, Gallery, Permission which needs to learn in React Native also.

Is react js have Great Carrier that students who want to become a developer?

Yes, there will be a lot of opportunities for React Developers in Markets, A Fresher students can easily get the job if he chooses to React js and React Native. IT is the fast-growing UI Library and Framework. According to the survey React js have a higher salary range. A student who has done React js Training in Gurgaon approx 6 Months he must get the starting salary of 3 Lacs to 4 Lacs.

How much time to complete this course?

If you want to do the only course then it takes approx. 2-3 months but if you are looking for training and live projects on every module of reacting then you need to spend 6 months. If a student wants to get and 100% Job Guarantee for Acil then he must be enrolled in React js training in Gurgaon with training modules.

What is essentially needed to learn React?

Learning React involves learning a lot of things – JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and even a bit of PHP. In order to learn it, one needs to have an interest in these programming languages.

Is there any placement Guarantee on React Js Course in Gurgaon with ACIL?

Yes, Acil, the best react js training institute in Gurgaon provides 100% Written Guarantee of Job for every student. We provide minimum starting packages of 20K starting for every student.

I am a developer and I was on good packages, if I switch the course then I can get the same salary what I expect?

Yes, it’s possible but you need to do the course as well as training and can do multiple projects with us to make your knowledge sharp.

React js Syllabus

React Js Syllabus using JavaScript

  • Introduction on React Js
  • Folder Structure in React Js
  • What are Components and How many types of Component in React
  • Functional Components
  • Class Based Components
  • Difference Between Functional Components and Class Based Components
  • What is JSX
  • How to use props for transfer data in one page to another
  • What is state in React Js
  • How to use set State in React Js
  • How to define function in React.
  • What is bind method in react. Where we use this
  • How to Destructing Props and State
  • Event Handling in React
  • Binding a Event Handler
  • What is Routing in React?
  • Methods as Props
  • What is Conditional Rendering in React Js
  • List Rendering in React
  • Indexing and Keys in React
  • Styling and CSS
  • How to handle a Form in React
  • What is Lifecycle method in react?
  • What are Component Mount Lifecycle methods?
  • What is Component Unmount Lifecycle methods
  • What is Updating Lifecycle Methods
  • Fragments in React
  • Pure Components in Reacts
  • Using Memo in React
  • Refs in React
  • Using Ref in Class Components
  • Error in Reacts
  • What are Higher Order Components. How we use this
  • What is Render Props in React
  • What is Context API in React?
  • How to use Fetch Methods and Axois Methods in React
  • What are GET and POST in React
  • What is Provider and Consumer in React
  • Difference between useContext and createContext in React
  • Project in React Core Syllabus

React Js with TypeScript

  • What is TypeScript
  • Benefits of Typescript with React
  • Types in JavaScript
  • Inference in React
  • Void, never unknown Types in React
  • Array, Tuple, Object in React
  • Creating Generic Interfaces and Classes in React
  • Component Props vs Object Props
  • Type Function with useState
  • Type Function with useReducer
  • Type Ref Function Components
  • Linting and auto formatting
  • Babel
  • Webpack
  • Project with React using TypeScript

React Hooks Syllabus

  • What is Hooks in Reacts?
  • How to create Project Folder Structure in React
  • Routing in React Hooks
  • How to use State using hooks in react on Array, Object and Primitive Objects
  • How to use Lifecycle using hooks in react
  • How to use useEffect in React
  • What is Conditionally Run Effect in React
  • How to Fetch Data using use Effects
  • What are contextAPI in Reacts Hooks
  • What is Reducer and how it works
  • Difference between Simple State and Complex State in React Reducer
  • What is action in Reducer
  • What is Multiple Reducer
  • Fetching Data with Reducer
  • Difference between use State and use Reducer
  • What are callback hooks
  • How to use useMemo in React Hooks
  • What is useRef in React
  • What are custom hooks
  • What is useInput in React Hooks
  • How to use Graph using React Hooks
  • Location using React Hooks
  • useCallback Reacts
  • Project in React Hooks

React Redux Syllabus

  • What is Redux in React
  • How React Redux Work
  • Setup React with CDN
  • What are React Components
  • What is State Components in React
  • Change State in Redux
  • Forms in Redux
  • Nesting Components
  • Props in Redux
  • Stateless Components
  • Outputting List in Redux
  • Functional vs Props Components
  • Virtual DOM in React Redux
  • Deleting Data in React
  • What is React Router
  • Route Parameter
  • Switch
  • Importing in Redux
  • Action and Reducer
  • Map State to Props
  • Map Dispatch to Props
  • Action Creators in React
  • Redux Promises
  • Middleware Improvements
  • Spinner Components
  • Caching
  • Custom Validators
  • Authentication
  • Collaboration API
  • Message Components
  • Auth Reducer Refractor
  • Timer Components
  • Projects in React Redux

React Saga

  • What is Redux Saga
  • Setting up Redux Saga in Project
  • Generator Function
  • Yeild Method
  • React Router v6
  • Action, Type and Reducers
  • Add, Edit, Update and Delete using React Saga
  • API Call using Saga
  • Testing Saga
  • Middleware
  • Redux Toolkit

React Native using Expo Syllabus

  • What is React Native Expo
  • How to Install React Native Expo
  • Run Project on React Native Expo using Expo app
  • Run Expo Project on Android and IOS Simulator
  • Create Layout View in React Expo
  • Using Text in Expo
  • Adding Image
  • Adding device width and device height in react expo
  • Display Data with List view
  • Styling in React Expo
  • Inline CSS
  • Immutable style object with stylesheet. Create
  • Passing Props
  • Position Component with Flex Box
  • Using Fetch to get Data
  • User Location and Access Permissions
  • Using Photos and Came roll
  • Deploy on Apple Store
  • Deploy on Android Store
  • What are packages in expo
  • Setting icon, splash in expo
  • What is React Navigation 5 in Expo
  • Routing with React Navigation
  • Project using React Expo
  • Tab Navigation
  • Drawer Navigation
  • Custom Android Back
  • Deep Linking
  • Web Support
  • Redux Integration
  • MobX Integration
  • Navigators
  • Actions
  • Nesting Navigation
  • Navigation Lifecycle
  • Authentication Flows
  • Access Navigation Props form Every Components
  • Screen Tracking
  • Memory Usage and Performance
  • Project on Expo

React Native CLI

  • Environment Setup
  • Handle Text Input
  • Scroll and List View
  • Debugging
  • Testing
  • Using TypeScript
  • Height, Width, Layout and Images
  • Styles
  • Handle Touches
  • Screen Navigation
  • Animation
  • Accessibility
  • Alert
  • Timer
  • Native Modules
  • Android UI Components
  • IOS UI Components
  • Model
  • Activity Indicator
  • Picker
  • Status Bar
  • Switch
  • Geolocation
  • Camera
  • Gallery
  • Async Storage with Storing Data
  • Integration with MAP API
  • Create Native React Components

If you are looking to learn React Js Training in Gurgaon with JavaScript and TypeScript then Acil is one of the best training and development institutes in React and React Native. We Prepare Students on a Real-Time Project basis where we teach on Different Client Projects on each platform to React. If you want to join then contact us

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