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Best Graphic Designing Training Institute in Gurgaon

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Take off your career with graphic design training

Graphic Designing Training in Gurgaon is on high demand and one of India’s burgeoning sectors. India has emerged as one of world’s major IT service providers, which means this sector is replete with career opportunities. Graphic Design is becoming an integral part of IT services. So, if you’ve always harbored a knack to communicate ideas visually, then graphic design is a suitable career path for you.

Graphic design field’s growth trend projects a 5% increase in demand by 2026. That is a significant amount and poses a promising career for anyone interested making a living with artistic skills.

A graphic design degree is the best way to create value for yourself in this industry. There are numerous profiles you can chose from in this career path. While you may specialize in a specific area like web designing, you can also choose to develop versatility by learning a bit of everything.

There are many reputed graphic designing courses in Gurgaon who teach the skill with utmost depth. Opt for institutions where instructors are professionals and have experience in graphic designing and related technologies for multiple years in various MNC’s. So, enroll in one such institute and start your career with best graphic designing training in Gurgaon Sector 14.

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing is the art of visual communication with the use of typography, photography, and illustration. A Graphic designer develops Visual Concepts, brochure, banners, social media, web layout, magazines. etc.

What can I do with a graphic design degree?

The media industry had flourished in this decade by great means, largely because of the growth of internet. Visual communication has become a necessary marketing tool for 90% businesses. Therefore, a diverse range of requirements for graphic designers has spurred.

A graphic designer’s career options are incredibly versatile. The website you visit, advertisements you see, the packaging of the products you buy, infographics that makes it easy for you to decide on a product online, are the work of a graphics designer.

With a graphics designing degree from Gurgaon you can pursue multiple job profiles –

Latest Placement in Graphic & UI

  • Prashakha Bhardwaj

    Prashakha Bhardwaj

    Graphic & UI Designer
    Starting : 7.2 LPA
  • Rajat


    Graphic & UI Designer
    Starting : 5.8 LPA
  • Ajay


    Graphic & UI Designer
    Starting : 7 LPA

Web designer

Graphic design as much of a complimentary skill as a standalone craft. If you have some knowledge in coding and webpage building, you can choose to be a webs designer. A web designer creates pages layouts and visual messages for web pages. Decisions on the content placement, aesthetic continuity, and iconography will be your place of expertise.

Layout artist

A layout artist in charge of the structure and playout of images, text, and print media such as magazines, flyers, posters, etc. Advertising agencies, public relation firms, magazines and newspapers are some of the industry with demand for layout experts.

Creative director

Considered as a zenith of an artistic design career, a creative director is a leader, visionary, and manager. His/her job is to bring a project to fruition. They decide on the overall visual message, the aesthetic choices, and project plans. Video games, advertising campaigns, and brand identity are some of the areas where a creative director is a must requirement.

User experience designer

Today there are innumerable software-based products. Antiviruses, games, photo editing apps are just some common examples. Companies these days want their virtual products to deliver a seamless experience. A user experience (UX) designer is in charge with conceptualizing and developing all the necessary facets of a software experience. User Interface design is a subset of UX design and also requires one to have graphic design skills.

Product design

Product design involves ideating product creation. Your job as product designer will need you to perform multiple tasks single handedly. Starting from creating illustrations to developing a virtual 3D prototype, you’ll be responsible for ensuring all necessary development is ready before product manufacture starts.

Multimedia designer

A multimedia designer produces sketches, scale models, drawings and plans. They develop complex animations and models based in the desired visual impact of the project. An multimedia artist and animator needs to understand the story development and create content that meets the employer’s objective.


A career as illustrator requires one to have an organic aptitude in drawing and conveying messages through visuals. As an illustrator you’ll be required by magazines, periodicals, books, and software. Opportunities for you also exists in the video, motion pictures, and game development industry.

Take advantage of all of the above career prospects by earning a valuable degree in Graphic designing in Gurgaon.

What skills do you need to Learn in this Graphic Designing Course?

Graphic designers must learn many skills, tools and concepts to become a good design. In this course, we will give you a deep understanding of the following tools and concepts. The most important skill for a graphic designer must-have is one that is natural and not learned; that is good in art and visual design. This skill will be learning through experience and learning. He must able to think creatively and develop new concepts that are eye-catching.

There are a lot of tools used for graphic designing such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw, Figma, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Adobe XD, Motion Graphics. A designer must aware of these tools to design graphics.

In Graphic Design, tools are important to design a graphics but technique, ideas, and concept of design are also important for graphic design courses.

Course content to look for on a Graphic design course

Graphic Designer must also learn techniques to design print media material

  • You’ll learn about all the fundamentals of Graphic Design including typography, image-making, composition, color, shapes, and patterns.
  • You’ll gain an understanding of denotative and connotative image making
  • Gain the skills of typography that includes size, words, spacing, typeface, and fonts.
  • Know how to work with color, shapes, and patterns that include visual contrast, graphic shapes, icons, symbols, color wheel, rhythm, pattern etc.
  • Learn about composition and its principles including single and multiple contrasts, type contrast, image contrast, cropping, hierarchy, etc. and how to create simple & complex compositions.
  • Work with various designing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw, Muse etc. to create web layouts, logos, brochures, magazine covers, business cards and other designs.           
  • Brochure’s, Banners, Sandy, Motion Graphics, Flex Board Designing, Typography, Image Designing, Colour, Shapes, Patterns.
  • Typography Design, Colour Concept in Graphic Designing
  • Logo Design
  • Icon Design for Print Media
  • Presentation Design and Visual Graphics Presentation
  • Oil Paint & Fire Design Concept
  • Marketing Material Design Concept
  • Business Card Design
  • Magazine Cover Design

Graphic Designing with UI:

  • Graphic Designer must also learn techniques to design Web Media such as: –
  • Design Layout for Static Website, Portals, Dynamic Website, Social Engine, Booking Engine.
  • Mobile Layout Design Concept and Techniques
  • Android Layout Design and IOS Layout Design.
  • What is the difference between android layout design and iOS layout design?
  • What is a POS Design, Concept to design a POS?
  • Icon Design for Web Media – Flat Icon Design, Half Filled Icon Design, Filled Icon Design, Square Icon Design, Circle Icon Design.
  • Toolset Design
  • Dashboard Design Concept and Flow of Design
  • Concept to design a switch, calendar, fields, buttons, popup, etc.
  • Material Design Concept
  • 1x, 2x and 3x Design
  • Icon & Typography

What does the designer do?

Graphic designers create visual graphics by using software or by hand sketching to communicate with creative ideas that inspire, inform, and attract consumers. He also develops the overall Web layout, Products, Application and production design for applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and reports.

What is eligibility to Join our Graphic Designing Courses

  • Minimum education till class 10
  • Capability to work with computers
  • Knack for sketching and drawing will be an added advantage

Well if you don’t have a lot of time and want to join graphic designing of course then you can choose our graphic designing course. We will provide you training and Portfolio which is necessary for an interview.

Anything you find on the internet today starting from company websites, visual arts and effects, attractive business cards and logos – everything is a part of graphic design. The advancement of modern technology has made our life digitalised and as a result every company is looking forward to making their digital presence smart and appealing to allure more and more customers. Without the help of the creative professional graphic designers building a unique design for not only the websites but also for other media platforms will be difficult for the companies.

Based on Gurgaon, ACIL Technologies is considered to provide the best graphic design courses in gurgaon that include high-quality technical training in graphic design with great responsibility to fulfil the dreams of future graphic designers.

Acil is one of the best institute in Gurgaon, which provides graphic design training online and offline. If you want to learn online or offline anywhere in India you can join our best graphic design courses syllabus.

Read on to know more about graphic design and the courses offered at ACIL Technologies:

About Trainers

The trainers at our graphic designing courses in gurgaon have, on average, more than 18 years of professional experience. He creates more than 200+ websites, Applications, POS, Products, and Graphic Design. Our Trainer is working as UI/UX designers for top-tier brands.

Topic Covered in Graphic Designing Course

  • Fundamental of Graphic Designing
  • Analytic drawings
  • G-Codes and M-Codes
  • Illustrations
  • Overview of the Design Process
  • Use of Colour in Arts & Composition
  • Typography
  • Visual Media
  • Color Model
  • Visual Expression
  • Shape and Design
  • Magazine
  • Resolution
  • Flex Banner
  • Motion Graphic
  • Brochures
  • Designing for the Web Application
  • Stickers
  • Die cut
  • Folders
  • Business Cards
  • Silk Screen
  • 3D Banner
  • Posters
  • Film Banner
  • Presentation
  • Google Web Designer Tools
  • User Interface Design
  • POS System Design
  • Infographics
  • Newsletter Design
  • Sketching in Design
  • Prototype Design
  • Bootstrap Grid Layout System
  • Mobile Layout
  • Android Layout Design
  • IOS Layout Design
  • What is the Difference between Android and IOS Design.
  • How to design Patterns, Brushes, and its Uses?
  • Material Design Concept, how we design it.
  • Pre and Post in Design
  • Graphic design Tools and Software
  • Portfolio Create and Optimization
  • Advertisement
  • Websites
  • Logo
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Posters
  • Publishing Materials
  • Digital Publishing
  • Flash Animation

Topic Covered in Photoshop Course in Gurgaon: –

  • Introduction about Photoshop
  • Switching, Zooming, Panel, Rotation, Cycling, Customization in Photoshop
  • Setting up Image size and Print Size
  • Cropping and Straightening of an Image
  • Content Aware, Border and Canvas Images
  • Adjust Image Luminance using adjustment tools and layer mask
  • Colour Adjustment
  • History Panel
  • Selection
  • Masking
  • Basis of Layer – Name, Alter, Create, Grouping, Merge, Selection
  • Brushes
  • Working with Colour
  • Composition
  • Blend Multiple Images
  • Grip Text
  • Working on Bridge
  • Camera
  • Retouching
  • Image Adjustment
  • Shadow and Highlight
  • Types and Text in Photoshop
  • Vector Effect
  • Layer Styling
  • Scale, Rotate, Skew, Wrap
  • Greyscale and Black and White Tools
  • Masking
  • Colour Range Command
  • Pen Tools
  • Sharpening
  • Noise and Details
  • Animation with GIF.
  • Artboard

Topic Covered in illustrator Course in Gurgaon

  • Introduction on illustrator
  • Navigation, Zooming, Working on Multiple Document
  • Working on Artboard
  • Working on Panel
  • Environment Setup
  • Grid and Guidelines
  • Create, Manage, Navigate, Ruler, Guides in illustrator
  • Resize, Modify on Artboard
  • Layer Panel
  • Difference between RGB and CMYK
  • Transform Objects
  • Pen Tools
  • Drawing Art
  • Shapes Tracking and Drawing
  • Appearance
  • Symbols
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Saving Printing and Exporting

Topic Covered in InDesign Course in Gurgaon

  • Introduction about InDesign.
  • Workspace Create, Customize and Manage
  • Designing Document
  • Formatting Text
  • Formatting Characters
  • Objects
  • Special Effects
  • Libraries
  • Colour and Swatches
  • Graphics
  • Effects
  • Create PDF Files
  • Zooming and Navigation
  • Layers
  • Drawing
  • Print Production
  • Importing and Exporting
  • Colour
  • Tables
  • Tables and Cell Styles

Topic Covered in Corel Draw Course in Gurgaon

  • Course Content in Corel Draw
  • View Drawings
  • Customizing Objects
  • Create and Manipulate Drawing and Shapes
  • Moving, Copying, Deleting, Sizing of and Object
  • Transforming of an Object
  • Arrange Object
  • Layers
  • Special Effects and Text Effects
  • Paragraph and Text
  • Symbols and ClipArt
  • Bitmap
  • Page Layout
  • Print Exporting and Advance Features
  • Exporting Drawings
  • Styles and Templates
  • Creation Tools
  • Corel Trace

Topic Covered in Adobe Premire Course in Gurgaon

  • Course Overview
  • Work Flow
  • Panel
  • Tools
  • Start a New Project
  • Video and Audio Editing
  • RGB and Hue Saturation
  • Import Footage
  • Timeline and basic editing tools
  • Create a Sequence
  • Sub clipping
  • Video Transition & Effects
  • Adjustment of Layers
  • Masking & Tracking Mask
  • Rough Cut
  • Pulling Select
  • Levelling
  • Fade & Audio Effect
  • Audio Music
  • Colour Grading and Correction
  • Colour Styles
  • White Balancing
  • Fonts in Premiere
  • Tiles and Keyframes
  • Transition Effects
  • Colour and Ultra Key
  • Green Screen
  • Keyframes Animation
  • Export, Uploading and Final Cut
  • Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Web Designer
  • Application Designer
  • Creative Director
  • UI (User Interface Designer)
  • UX (User Experience Designer)
  • Product Designer
  • Production Artist
  • Art Director
  • Freelance Graphic Web Designer
  • Multimedia Designer

I am not belonging to Gurgaon; How Institute help me to settle?

In Gurgaon, there are a lot of companies where graphic designers can get opportunities. Our Best Graphic Designing institute in Gurgaon helps you to find the best accommodation on your budget. There are a lot of Flats, PG and One Room set in Gurgaon.

Which tools used for Graphic Designing?

There are a lot of tools that are used for graphic design. Few of the tools are: –

  • Adobe Photoshop – Banner, Infographics, Icon, Filters, Typography
  • Adobe InDesign – Brochure and Presentation Material Design
  • Adobe Illustrator – Icon, Vector Graphics, illustration Design, Cartoon Design, 3D Design
  • Corel Draw – Logo Design, Print Material Design

Which tools used for UI Designing?

There are a lot of tools that are used for UI design. Few of the tools are: –

  • Adobe Photoshop – Create Web Layout for Static Website, Dynamic Website, Social Websites, Booking Engine, Portals, Directory Websites.
  • Adobe XD – UI Design, POS Design, User Interface Design, Mobile App Design, IOS Design, Android Design
  • Sketch 3.0 – User Interface and Prototypes Design
  • Adobe Illustrator – Icon, Vector Graphics, illustration Design

Which tools used for UX Designing?

There are a lot of tools that are used for UX design. Few of the tools are: –

  • Balmisq – Wireframe Design
  • inVision – Prototyping Tools
  • Moqups
  • Pencil – GUI Tools used for Wireframing
  • Power Mockup – Powerful Wire Framing Tools
  • Zeplin – Used for Icon
  • Desinion, Visual Website Optimizer – A/B Testing Tools
  • Loop11, Crazy Egg, Uservoice, Mousestats – Usability Testing Tools

Which one is best for careers – Graphic Designing or Graphic with UI/UX

UI/UX Design has the best career opportunities rather than Graphic Designing. Graphic Design Designer might look on Colour, Typography and Visual while in UI/UX Design Designer worked on User Interface and User Experience design. He must strong in creativity as well as clarity and concept of design. If you want to be a UI Designer, then you must have strong Graphic Designing skills.

What is the salaried range of graphic design and UI/UX Designer?

According to the Survey, The average salary of graphic designers around 80,000 INR in India. Salary is depending upon the designer’s creativity. A UI/UX Designer can get a salary of around 3,00,000 INR in India.

How I switch from graphic designing to UI/UX Designing?

If you want to switch your career from graphic designing to UI/UX Designing, then you need to learn UI Design Concept as well as UX Concept. UI is different from Graphic Designing, You need to learn Application Design, Product Designing, Web Application Design, etc to learn UI Design. Apart from that, you need to learn Wireframe, Prototyping, Flow, User Requirement, etc to learn UX Designing.

Key features to look for in a training

Acil Technologies offers the Best Graphic Designing Course in Gurgaon with expert trainers. Here a few of the key features: –

  • 100% job-oriented training
  • Industry Expert Designers
  • Free Demo Class Available
  • Live Project Training
  • Certification Guidance
  • Portfolio Design
  • 180+ hours of course duration
  • Completed 500+ batches

Upcoming Batches

  • Weekdays Regular(Class 2Hr)/Per session

    • Next Batch on Monday,(Monday – Friday) 09:00 AM(IST)Course Fees
    • Next Batch on Wednesday,(Monday – Friday) 01:00 PM(IST)Course Fees
    • Next Batch on Friday,(Monday – Friday) 04:00 PM(IST)Course Fees
  • Weekdays Regular(Class 3Hrs)/Per session

    • Batch Start on Saturday,(Saturday – Sunday) 11:00 AM(IST)Course Fees
  • Weekdays Fast-Track(Class 6Hr – 7Hrs)/Per session

    • Batch Start on Sunday,(Saturday – Sunday) 10:00 AM(IST)Course Fees

How to choose the best graphic design training in Gurgaon

Choose an institute that has its training facilities located at various places all over Gurgaon. Go for a program that offer the most practical training possible and cover all topics.

Make sure that after you have completed our course, you’ll be capable of clearing any interview. Additionally, look for places that offer placement assistance. Go for organizations that have separate HR team professionals who takes care all your interview needs.

Also consider the course fee for the graphic designing training in Gurgaon, so that it is quite moderate and affordable.

ACIL – where your dreams get the wings

Among the various graphic design training institutes all around the country, ACIL Technologies is the leading one in Gurgaon that follows the current industry standard. At ACIL, we focus to offer the students advanced professional training on various technical aspects of graphic design and introduce the new technologies to the students so that they can excel in their own field and gain enough expertise in graphic design and related services.

Although the course content that we offer at ACIL are enriched with adequate knowledge, we believe in giving our students the hands-on experience with live practical project works simultaneously to make them more eligible. We have also come up with the 100% placement assurance once your course ends in top MNCs all around the world like Wipro, TCS, Cognizant and many others. Also, we help you to find jobs in well-reputed media and production houses as the visual artists and graphic designers.

Know more about graphic design and its objectives

Before entering into the professional and corporate world, you will need enough expertise and grip on the subject to help the business to grow at a larger scale. In simple terms, graphic design is all about communicating with the customers and the audience through eye-catching visual effects, arts, images and texts. Graphic design is necessary to maintain a professional and appealing web presence for any company or independent organization. Graphic designers are on high demand these days as every company nowadays willing to make a grand online presence with brilliant and innovative graphic designs to hold their reputation in the market.

The graphic design training courses at ACIL Technologies will give you the knowledge and required training to excel in the professional world smoothly and prove your creative abilities and continue with your artistic passion.

Meet the ACIL trainers – the builders of your future

We have a group of highly creative, professional and experienced graphic design trainers who aim to provide the best graphics and web design courses and put their best efforts to implement the course and course content.

  • At ACIL Technologies, our trainers have more than 7 years of professional experience with the top IT companies and production houses. Some of them are still working professionals and are associated with companies like IBM, Capgemini, HCL and others.
  • The trainers here also tend to follow the unique techniques and modern technologies to engage the students into the course and train them creatively.
  • Graphic design is more practical than theoretical. Keeping this fact in mind, our trainers provide the proper practical training and advanced art skills with real-life project case studies for their better understanding.

Top reasons to join ACIL courses

Let us now give you the list of the various reasons that will ensure why the candidates who are seeking to get a highly professional graphic design course should join the ACIL graphic design courses.

  • We, at ACIL, always prioritise our candidates, hence our regular and weekend training classes can also be customised by the students as per their time flexibilities and other requirements.
  • Our ultra-modern classroom infrastructure will give the students a better comfortable place to get the training along with high-speed wifi connection, projector facilities.
  • The modern technologies and software used at the ultra-modern IT labs of ACIL Technologies help the students get the updated knowledge on their field of studies following the current industry trends.
  • We do not only believe in theoretical knowledge, but our trainers also help the students get the best hands-on practical training with real-life projects.
  • In case a student misses his or her training session due to some valid reasons, ACIL Technologies offer them with the video recording of that particular session so that the student can cope up the gap.
  • ACIL trainers are not only highly professional but they are all quite experienced to train the candidates and enhance their expertise that will help them to get their dream jobs.
  • We even have free personality development sessions for the candidates, where the experienced professional mentors groom the students to build their personality, body language, confidence and also the speaking and communicating ability to deal with the employers and crack the interview smartly.
  • We also have arranged for the students the mock interview sessions that are quite beneficial for the students to build their confidence before appearing for the real interviews.
  • All the study materials are provided in various forms for the benefits of the students like in the forms of ebooks, hard copies, online video recording and others from the institute.
  • ACIL Technologies will also provide a certification to each candidate after the completion of the entire course and the certificate is well accepted all around the world.
  • For the benefits of the students, ACIL has also made the payment procedure quite easy. The students can pay us through cheques, cash, net banking, debit and credit cards and we even accept the EMIs.

100% Job Gauranteed from the ACIL

Apart from providing the best training in graphics design ACIL Technologies also provides the best placement assistance for the eligible candidates who are looking forward to getting into the bigger industry to prove themselves as the best graphic designers and possess a secured prestigious position.

  • Being the leading graphic design training institute ACIL Technologies offer 100% placement securities for the candidates with great care.
  • The expert trainers and mentors are always inclined to help the students in building their confidence and personality to impress the employers and crack any interview smartly.
  • ACIL Technologies also follow the advance method of P3 – Placement Preparation Process – that not only help the candidates gain enough expertise to hit their targeted goal will fewer difficulties.
  • At ACIL, we will also our students to write an impressive resume for their job interviews that will make the interviewers startled and help the students to leave a sincere first impression.

Start your career as Graphic designing today

Gurgaon holds the name of Silicon Valley of India and is the home of all major IT companies. Hence, with a degree in graphic designing in Gurgaon you will have all the best opportunities available to you.


What does a graphic designer do?

Graphic designers use a range of design components to create aesthetic or decorative effects to convey ideas. They provide the general layout and production design for marketing materials like brochures, periodicals, and annual reports.

Rough sketches of design concepts are typically produced first, either by hand or with computer software. The ultimate aim of a graphic designer is to do the business that hired them recognised and prominent in the marketplace.

Their work involves communicating a particular concept or identity via language, pictures, and a range of media to be utilised in advertising and marketing. Fonts, sizes, forms, and colours, and print design, photography, animation, logos, and billboards, are examples of media.

Which one is Best Graphic Designing or UI Designing?

As they aim to provide an optimal client experience and reaction, UI designers and graphic designers often collaborate on comparable projects. On the other hand, designers of user interfaces are more interested in digital visual displays like those seen on the web and in different applications.

User interaction and website layout are two of their primary concerns. For the most part, graphic designers use a wide range of design layouts for print and the web. Their primary focus is on aesthetics, and they often collaborate with other graphic designers in design studios

Which one has a good salary

Graphic designers earn an average income of $65,000 whereas UX designer earns $74,000 per year.

Is a graphic design in demand?

Graphic designers are in great demand because of their exceptional abilities. The advertising and marketing industry is seeing an increase in job possibilities. As a result, graphic designers, especially those with experience in online and mobile technologies, are in high demand in the marketplace.

What are the popular companies that hire graphic designers

There are several top-tier businesses where graphic designers may apply for positions as graphic designers. They include MANDY WEB DESIGN, LOGO DESIGN INDIA, SARKAR BEST GRAPHICS DESIGN COMPANY, WEB AND CRAFTS, among others.

Because the list of the most fantastic businesses is constantly changing, it is impossible to create a definitive list of the most OK corporations. Metropolitan areas are usually excellent choices for job seekers in these fields, and they are very successful in this regard.

Do you need to be good at drawing to become a graphic designer?

Aspirants are told that a significant portion of the graphic design job description does not need to sketch by hand. As a result, sketching skills are not required to succeed in this profession.

What Course do you choose after completing Graphic Designing for an excellent job career?

In the area of graphic design, you may study courses leading to diplomas, certificates, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees.

Graphic design courses

  • Advance Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Certificate in Graphic Design
  • Graduate Diploma Program in Graphic Design

Can you learn graphic design on your own?

No, students who want to pursue a career in graphic design must enrol in a reputable design school. To be successful in graphic design, one must be well-versed in the field’s history, theory, and practice. A competent design school can teach the fundamentals of graphic design, and candidates may then continue honing their talents using other tools.

What qualification do you need to become a graphic designer?

The student must have 10th Passed out to become a graphic design, most of the graphic designer is Graduate. Students of all stream can join our graphic designing course. It is not necessary to know the computer. We will teach you from basic graphic designing course to advanced graphic design course.

I am not fluent in English; Can I join a Graphic designing training institute?

Our Teacher has a strong knowledge of English and Hindi both, they teach you in both languages so that you can understand easily. Fluency of English is required in Multinational Companies, most of the company can hire a student on behalf of work knowledge. If student have good creativity and Concept, then he must have selected in good company

Is Graphic Design a good career?

Yes, you can have made a good career in graphic designing. You can Join a Good Graphic Design Company, Web Design Company or a Media Agency, apart from that you can work as a freelance graphic designer and earn a lot of money.

What are the fees for the graphic designing course?

We offered many courses in graphic design like Short Term course in Graphic Designing, Advanced Course in Graphic Design and Diploma course in graphic design. Our Fees Range is Starting from 5,000 to 60,000.

What can I do after the graphic designing course?

There are a lot of career opportunities for a graphic designer, according to a survey there is more than 1,50,000 job posting on different job portals.

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