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Graphic Designing Syllabus

Syllabus of Graphic Designing with (UI) User Interface Design:

Tools Used in Graphic Designing

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Corel Draw
  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD

Introduction About Graphic designing: –

  • Basic Concept of Graphic Designing
  • Tools Covered and Shapes in Graphic Designing Course
  • Alignment of Elements
  • Balancing
  • Contrast
  • Repetition
  • Shapes with Different Tools
  • Logo Design

Theory of Design

  • Typography
  • Colour Concept
  • Spacing between alignments
  • How to Design Business Cards with Proper Dimensions?
  • Design Letter Head for Print media
  • Case Study


  • Texture in Graphic Designing
  • How to Create Texture for tools?
  • How to import and Redesign Texture
  • Design Texture on Grid Theory
  • Create Texture with Shapes
  • Create Texture with Raster Images and Smart Objects

Sketching and Drawing

  • What is sketch in design
  • Use of Sketch for User Interface Deign
  • How we create Rough Design with Sketch
  • What is the Element theory of sketch?

Icons Design Theory

  • What is icon?
  • Tools used to create an icon
  • What is icon Types
  • How to create Line Icon, Filled Icon, Shapes Icons, half Filled Icons
  • What is colour filled with icon
  • What is pixel dimension of icons?
  • What is icon size for different devices?
  • What to create small and large icons


  • What is Typography?
  • Concept of Typography
  • How to create fonts in different tools?
  • How to design a font?
  • How to choose a font for different layout?
  • What are different types of fonts
  • Size and Variant in Typography
  • Letter Spacing in Typography
  • How to make meaningful type

Illustration Design

  • What is digital illustration?
  • Software Used to create digital illustration
  • What is shapes and squares in illustration deign
  • Stamps and Card design
  • Applying Geometric, Typographic Elements in illustration design
  • Create sketch illustration design

Infographics Design

  • What is infographics in design?
  • Size of an infographics
  • Steps follow to create an infographic
  • Colour theory and concept for create and infographics

Social Media Design

  • How to create social media banners
  • Size for Facebook, Twitter and other social media
  • What the content ratio of social media
  • Cover Banners and its sizes

Brochures Design

  • Create brochures design
  • Tools used to create brochures design
  • Size for create a brochure
  • Tables and Content ideas to create a brochure
  • Graphics in Brochure design

Banner and Other Advertizment Material Design

  • Website banner Design
  • Print Banner Design
  • Pemplat Design
  • Standy Design
  • Googe Ads Banner Design

Web Layout Design

  • What is web layout
  • How to design web layout for Laptop Devices?
  • Size of Web layout for Fixed Design
  • Size of Web layout for Responsive Design
  • What is Fluid Layout Design
  • Dimension to Create fluid layout design for Large Devices
  • What is 1320 Layout Grid
  • Difference Between Fixed, Adaptive and Responsive Layout Design
  • How to Create Adaptive Layout Design for Web
  • What is the Grid Size of Adaptive Layout?
  • What is 1920 Gird Layout Design

Tablet Layout Design

  • What is tablet layout dimensions
  • What is difference between Portrait and Landscape Design
  • Size of Portrait and Landscape Design
  • What is the icons size used for tablet design?
  • Font size used in tablet design for heading, subheading and content
  • What is Retina and Not Retina in Tablet Design

Android Tablet Design

  • What is Android Design
  • What is the dimensions used for Mini Tablet Android and 7โ€ inch Tablet and 10โ€ Tablet Design?
  • Size of Android Design Layout
  • Icons used in Android Design
  • Types of Android Design

IOS Design Concept

  • What is IOS Design
  • What is the dimensions used for IOS Design?
  • Size of IOS Design Layout
  • Icons used in IOS Design
  • Types of IOS Design

Material Design Concept

  • What is Material Design Google
  • Foundation of Material Design
  • Shadow, Light and Surfaces of Material Design
  • Layout and Pixel Density in Material Design
  • Spacing
  • Behaviour of a Component
  • Responsive layout Grid
  • How to Apply Density in Material?
  • Colour System of Material Design
  • Theme Design
  • Typography used in Material Design
  • What is difference between Product Icon, System icon and Animated icon? How we create it
  • What is shape Hierarchy and Surface Relationship in Material Design
  • What is shapes with motion
  • What is Interaction design โ€“ Selection, States and Gestures
  • What is Material Guidelines

Grid Concept in Design

  • What is Bootstrap Grid Theory of Design
  • How to design layout for web in bootstrap design?
  • Types of Bootstrap Grid
  • Create different grid using different tools
  • How to customize own bootstrap grid in layout
  • Design different devices using grid system
  • How to create custom bootstrap grid design?
  • What is the theory of 12 Grid, 16 Grid and 24 Grid layout?

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