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PHP Institute in Gurgaon | PHP Course in Gurgaon

ACIL  provides the Best PHP Institute in Gurgaon which is based on current industry standards. By undertaking training at ACIL Computer Education, a candidate can secure their dream jobs in the corporate sector. On the other hand, many also term ACIL as credible PHP training institutes in Gurgaon which also offers a wide variety of practical training to the aspirants. They would provide the candidate with full job assistance that would be beneficial for the candidate in the long run.

The training sessions are conducted by likely and experienced resource persons. At ACIL Education’s well-equipped PHP training center in Gurgaon, the students can learn the basics of databases and concepts related to databases. On the other hand, one would also learn a lot about inserting values into tables, real time projects related to PHP MySQL and working with real time values. Another fascinating aspect of studying in ACIL lies in the fact that the syllabus of PHP MySQL has been designed by keeping in mind the latest trends of the industry. It has also been formulated by experts at ACIL Computer Education by considering the advanced PHP MySQL course content.

Our PHP Training Institute in Gurgaon offer candidates with current topics. Moreover, by studying in this Institute, a candidate can easily secure his or her dream position in the corporate sector. The training module at ACIL emphasizes learning by doing. The same applies to the students who have opted for PHP MySQL training course. They can get access to hands on training and real world simulations. The real time training makes sure that you can apply your practical knowledge in various situations in an MNC.

It is interesting to note that there are various project tasks that a candidate can undertake to learn the process in a better manner. They are:

PHP Development Course Duration & Placement

Course Duration Placement Placement Ratio Average Starting Salary
PHP Development Course 3-4 Months Job Assistance 15% 7-10K/Month
Advanced PHP Development Course 6 Months Job Assistance 42% 10-12K/Month
Full PHP Development + Internship 9 Months 100 % Job Guarantee 100% 18-22K/Month
Full PHP Development Training + Internship + Framework 12 Months 100 % Job Guarantee 100% 25-30K/Month

Know more the Difference between Job/Placement Assistance and 100% Job Guarantee

Our PHP Training Courses in Gurgaon is Divided into Three Phases:

Phase 1 : We will teach you all the Basics of PHP Course in Gurgaon will with usage example like if-else, switch, function, classes, loop, array, sessions, Cookie, etc.

Phase 2: In Second Phase we will trained you on Advanced PHP Course in Gurgaon to Creating Advance Module that mostly usage in website development using PHP like login panel, Voucher Code Management, Category and Subcategory Management, newsletter Module, Import, and Export Module, pagination, lightbox, photo gallery, Google-captcha, pagination, text area editor and many more.

Phase 3 : In the third phase we will teach you to implement Paypal, Sagepay, Paytm or another Payment Gateway Modules, we also teach SMS Gateway or Email Service.

We will have trained you on PHP Framework Training also like Magneto Training, WordPress with Woo-Commerce Training, Shopping Cart Training, Drupal Training, Laravel Training after completing this course.

In this Training Period, We focused on Real Live Clients Project Training based. All work is on a project basis in which we are working with our clients. We are running a PHP design company where we work on more than 500+ PHP Projects.

Our PHP Courses and Syllabus Are Including: –

PHP Syllabus in Gurgaon

  • What are PHP and its Operator & Data Types
  • Create Local Server using (XAMPP/WAMP)
  • Echo function
  • IF ELSE Conditions
  • While Loop and for Loop
  • Form Handling using PHP
  • Array (Numeric, Associative, Multi-Dimensional)
  • For Each Loop
  • Function with Parameter and Default Parameter in PHP
  • Using a Switch Case in PHP
  • OOPS Concept in PHP
  • Database Connectivity using PHP, SQL, Cron Job, Tables, Join

E-Commerce PHP Training in Gurgaon

  • How to set the HTML template for PHP new project?
  • Understanding the project flow of PHP
  • How to understand the architecture of PHP and write atomic code?
  • Write on page Coding and Component-based coding in PHP.
  • Create Tables for Login, Register, Customer Management and other Modules
  • Using Login by using a session and a cookie.
  • How to set a profile in PHP and Restrict with Authentication?
  • Create a Backend and Admin Panel using PHP
  • Creating Attribute Management i.e. color, size in PHP
  • How to add edit or delete category and subcategory or assign.
  • Creating a Product page and modules in the backend where we add edit delete products
  • How to use validation and image processing by using Multipart and BASE64
  • Create a Product Listing Page
  • Product Edit Module for Listing page and Detail Page
  • Create CMS Modules with add, edit and delete modules
  • Category Wise Product Listing, Best Selling Products, New Arrivals Products, Hot Products
  • Display menu in frontend
  • Build a Shopping Cart Page in PHP
  • How to use an inner join to build a detail page in PHP?
  • PHP Product Customization
  • Manage Update Products Remove Products on Cart Page
  • Create Delivery and Info Pages
  • Build Review and Rating Modules in PHP
  • How to Build Cart and Mini Cart in PHP?
  • How to implement a payment gateway for online payment?
  • Manage all Customer and its order
  • Mange products exports
  • Manage Order Management with New Order, Cancelled Order and Rejected Order by using PHP
  • Import and Export Order, Customer, Products in PHP

Advanced PHP Training in Gurgaon

  • Exception handling in PHP using try Catch
  • What is Classes in PHP, how to declare and use in PHP
  • Public, Private methods in PHP
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism in PHP
  • Create Advanced Customization using PHP
  • PHP Project Migrate
  • New Upgrades in PHP
  • Move Project to Server
  • Files Upload on Server
  • Using AJAX in PHP
  • Creating and Connecting Mongo Database in PHP

PHP Framework Training in Gurgaon

  • Theme Implementation in Magneto 1.9, 2.0 and 2.3
  • Module Create in Magneto
  • Implement Theme in Woo-Commerce
  • Design Implement in WordPress with custom theme
  • Implement Shopify and Ecommerce Implementation


What is the Pre-requisite to join PHP Institute in Gurgaon?

Well, we teach you basic to advance level, so if you know only basic course then it enough for you to learn PHP course in Gurgaon

I am a working professional, Can I join Weekend classes

Our Batched are as per school timing or professional timings. You can join the weekend or weekdays classes.

Is Framework being compulsory to learn PHP Course in Gurgaon?

Yes, Most of the Companies need Framework implementation in PHP so it is important to learn any one of PHP Framework in PHP Like Laravel, Magneto, WordPress with Woo Commerce or Shopify. Acil Teach you on Framework and Core Concept of PHP.

Did ACIL Train on Project Based Training?

Yes, Acil Provides you live project-based training directly on client projects, We provide a real-time running project to the student so that he can learn with live project exposure

Is the student project being live after Project Complete?

Yes, we live all student project done at ACIL so all students can show their portfolio and project level work as a project experience

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