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Difference between Job/Placement Assistance and 100% Job Guarantee

Difference between Job/Placement Assistance and 100% Job Guarantee

Finding a perfect job is everyone’s dream! Unfortunately, students start preparing for an excellent job during their academic years only. When it comes to selecting an institute, people often consider placement features as an essential factor. But not all educational institutions provide placement. While some of them provide only job or placement assistance, others provide a 100% guarantee. Are you confused between the two?

Let’s help you understand the difference between job/placement assistance and a 100% job guarantee.

Understanding Placement Assistance

In placement assistance, you don’t get a job surety. It just provides you with the necessary guidance. You have no assurity if you’ll get a job or not. The placement assistance you get in your educational institutions only includes sending you to the employer for an interview.

After the interview, whether you’ll get a job or not depends on you. Neither the placement assistance service providers take any guarantee, nor do they help you in the official process. If you fail the interview, the maximum they’ll do is send you for another interview that is all.

They provide no written commitment on your placement. When you apply via placement assistance, there are more chances of getting an internship than a permanent job. Also, they’re concerned with you only till you’re enrolled in their course. Once your course is finished, they’ll decide a few weeks or a month as placement period, send you to different employers for an interview during that period, now if you get selected or not depends upon you.

Once the placement period is over, they’re no longer liable to send you for an interview.

Features of Placement Assistance:

  • Job Guidance
  • Interview Skills
  • Techniques of resume preparation
  • Job leads
  • Completing Job Applications
  • Interview follow-up
  • Networking

Understanding Job Guarantee

Let’s quickly understand the job guarantee now! Well, as the name suggests, job guarantee services provide a guarantee to provide you with a job. No matter what, here, you’ll get 100% accurate placement. When an institute provides you job guarantee, they give you a job anyhow.

They send you for interviews and other opportunities. Suppose you get a job based on an interview, good enough. But if you don’t pass the interview and don’t get a job, then the educational institute provides you with a job.

What and how they arrange a job will not be a part of your concern. Institute only will look after all such things. They continue the course till the student gets a job in hand. As providing a job is a part of their written commitment, they fulfil it before finishing the course.

Features Of Job Guarantee:

  • Guaranteed job
  • Fixed income
  • Assured placement while studying
  • Interview Skills
  • Techniques of resume preparation
  • Job leads

With this, you must have understood the difference between job guarantee and placement assistance. At ACIL institute, students get a 100% job/placement guarantee from us. We understand the severity of the increasing unemployment rate and the need of having a secured job. Thus, the ACIL team provides you with a guaranteed job after your course.

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