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Protractor Angularjs Automation Testing Training in Gurgaon

Protractor Automation Testing Tool

Advancement of technology is a double-ended sword. With all its advantages, there are troubles or “bugs” that may easily give a developer sleepless nights. Protractor is an automation testing tool that makes testing a seamless experience and you do not need to bring your work home. With JavaScript being used in almost all applications, the growth in these applications is paralleled by the growth in both the size and complexity in the JavaScript. As such, it becomes quite difficult and trying for testers, in various scenarios, to test the web applications. For their troubles, Protractor is boon. Developed by Google, Protractor is, for Angular and AngularJS applications, an end-to-end testing tool. It can run tests in applications that are running in a real browser and interacts with it just like a user would. We, at Acil Software Solutions, provide Protractor Automation Testing Tool Course.

What you need to know about Protractor

            We are the best Protractor Automation Testing Tool Institute in Gurgaon and our students become superior testers who turn out to be a valuable resource for business organizations. We provide courses regarding this wonderful testing tool that handles verification of tests without you having to worry about the bugs. You will write the tests and the rest will be taken care of. Protractor is beneficial in ways such as:

  • There is no need to go through each and every page of an application to see if the system works
  • The boredom of manual verification is effectively eliminated
  • It has the feature of Angular Testing built in its framework
  • Single Page Application testing may be done without hassles
  • Risks of test failure due to sites running slow may be avoided
  • Advantageous over Selenium tests as there is no need to write in “sleeps” and “waits” as using Protractor means the automatic execution of the next instruction whenever the page is ready
  • Tests can be done from the perspective of a user thereby ensuring complete user satisfaction

Our Protractor Automation Testing Tool Course in Gurgaon covers all these and more.

About the course

We at Acil include in our Protractor Automation Testing Tool Course in Gurgaon the following:

  • How does Protractor work
  • What you should understand about promises and promise-based tests
  • Jasmine
  • How to locate elements
  • How to automatically interact with the page
  • Conduct advanced tests with page objects
  • How to debug Protractor tests
  • Know about mocking HTTP requests
  • How to test D3, Highcharts, and SVGs
  • Learning to use Cucumber with Protractor
  • How to use Protractor as a professional
  • How to integrate Protractor with production workflows

You will also be thoroughly trained regarding the following concepts:

  • Microsoft Edge Driver
  • Data-driven testing
  • Automating customer login
  • Automatic bank manager
  • Banking app codes

We train our students in real time working environments and real projects.

Why you should Acil

            We at Acil fully comprehend the demands of the present market and are on par with the conditions that it entails. We believe that education without implementation has no real value. Our trainees are skilfully equipped to carry out their theoretical knowledge in praxis. That is why we provide the experience of a real-time working environment in which they are taught to apply their knowledge, improve upon the existing base of knowledge and continuously make amends until they attain a perfect status whereby they will be able to cope with the actual working conditions with all its probable risks and dynamic challenges. We are the best Protractor Automation Testing Tool Institute in Gurgaon and it is the essential difference between us and other institutes of believing in working hard towards training hard working employees that make our Protractor Automation Testing Tool Course in Gurgaonunique in its approach and outlook. Our features include:

  • Trainers those are unmatched. Our trainers are experts in their fields and have had years of experience working with corporate giants and MNCs in the likes of Wipro, HCL, Birlasoft, TCS, TechMahndra, Dell, IBM, among others. They have cordial relations with companies and that in turn guarantees successful placements of each trainee according to their merit. Our trainers are empathetic and have an objective approach. We at Acil respect the fact that each individual is different from one another and, therefore, each student is trained in a manner so that his or her potential is utilised to the fullest.
  • Modern infrastructural facilities. We provide real-time working experience to our students so that they are furnished with the best possible outlook of what they will face in the real and competitive corporate world. Our institute provides:
    • Wi-Fi enable training centre
    • Smart classes
    • Integrated classroom sessions
    • Efficiently equipped laboratories
    • Interactive training procedure
    • Simulated classrooms
  • Prioritising the student. We are primarily an educational institute and our students are of ultimate importance to us. We strive towards making them efficient, to the fullest of their capabilities, so that they become nothing but assets to those companies in which they will be placed. We also believe that an employee, besides having profound knowledge about his area of expertise, should also be smart, confident and presentable. Therefore, along with providing Protractor Automation Testing Tool Course in Gurgaon, we also take up the responsibility of grooming our trainees and personality development as well.

In conclusion…

            It is safe to declare that we are the best Protractor Automation Testing Tool Institute in Gurgaon and our Protractor Automation Testing Tool Course assures guaranteed placements. Progress and strife go hand in hand. Hard work always pays in the end. And it is this motif that we at Acil have always believed in. consequently, we try to instil the same perception in our students. Our students are trained to perfection and their knowledge foundation is immutable. Prospects speak for themselves and our certified course ensures nothing but the best outcome in terms of securing a job in the sector that fast emerging as an extremely promising phenomenon. Choosing Acil Software Solution for the Protractor Automation Testing Tool Course will the decision you will ever make.

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