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Best SAS Training in Gurgaon & Best SAS Training Institute in Gurgaon

Data is one of the biggest dependability amongst current day organizations. From analyzing the past business actions in smoothing the present operations up till making future decisions, data has influenced the working of organizations like no other.  We at Acil software solutions limited understand your need for the effective analysis of data and get the best out of it. Thereby, we provide the best SAS training in Gurgaon in order to boost up the performance of your organization as well as your career.

What is SAS?

The SAS language is a Computer Programming language utilized for statistical analysis, made by Anthony James Barr at North Carolina State University. It can read information from basic spreadsheets and databases and yield the aftereffects of measurable analysis in tables, charts, and as RTF, HTML and PDF reports. The SAS language keeps running under compilers that can be utilized on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and different other UNIX and centralized server PCs. The SAS System and World Programming System (WPS) are SAS language compilers.

SAS is an Integrated system of a software solution. It allows one to perform the following as given below:

  • Data Entry, its retrieval as per requirement and its proper management.
  • Report writing and graphic designing.
  • Statistical and mathematical analysis
  • Business forecasting and decision support
  • Operation research and Project Management
  • Application Development

The base SAS Software consists of following:

  • A data management facility for its proper storage and retrieval
  • A programming language
  • Data analysis and reporting utilities

This course is an initiation towards becoming a data scientist. It will help you in mastering into skills and tools like Decision tree, clustering, Statistics Hypothesis testing, R Studio, Linear and logistics Regression, Data Visualization, Regression Models, Hadoop, spark, PROC SQL, Statistical Procedure, Advanced Analytics, SAS Macros, Matplotlib, Excel analytics functions, Hypotheses testing zookeeper, Kafka interfaces. It is an overall data analysis tool that will support you in taking correct decision and promote the profitability of the organization in long run.

SAS was created at North Carolina State University from 1966 until 1976 when SAS Institute was consolidated. SAS was additionally developed in the 1990s with the option of new factual systems, extra components and the presentation of JMP. A point-and-snap interface was included variant 9 out of 2004. An online networking analytics item was included in 2010.

 Importance of SAS:

As discussed, data analysis and management holds a great significance at the present time. Similarly, SAS holds utility whenever the need for analysis of data arises. We will have a look at some of its utilities at the present time which would be advantageous for your future career prospects

  • This course enhances your aptitudes and mastery just by experiencing the way toward planning for a SAS exam. Indeed, even long-term SAS clients say they profit by the exam readiness encounter. So it is indeed beneficial to sincerely prepare for the examination.
  • There is an Industry approval of SAS abilities and skill. These skills come in handy when your organization is suffering from the critical phase of bad decision making.
  • There is an Expanded credibility with your boss as a specialized employee focused on self-awareness. Your subordinate is more likely to be impressed if you can help them with SAS skills
  • A lift to your learning power. SAS requires a good amount of analytical abilities that nurture your learning abilities and makes you ready for bigger challenges in future
  • When you acquire a SAS certification, you additionally win a computerized certificate, that you can share recording your achievement. This will give you an upper hand in such an area.
  • SAS qualifications are work job engaged, which means great significance to real-world needs. You can apply it to solve day to day problems that are faced by your organization
  • SAS aptitudes are sought after around the world. It increases your employability in ensuring a secure future.
  • Certified preparing methods and certification training packages to make the arrangement more open and affordable. This is done in order to promote transparency and make it to the reach of a greater section of students and professionals.
  • SAS guaranteed people in certain countries can meet all requirements for rebates on different SAS preparing.
  • SAS guaranteed people can be recorded in the Directory of SAS Certified Professionals which can be easily accessed by businesses to approve your credentials.

Why ACIL for SAS?

  • Courses are designed as per current trends and Industry standards in order to meet the employability need
  • Certified Trainers with 10+ years of corporate experience
  • Continuous mock exams and PI are taken in order to get quick feedback about the gap in learning
  • There is a use of multiple modules consisting of cases based from Industry providing a better exposure
  • A special model imparted would ensure you a 100% placements

Apart from that, we have a well-trained faculty having a rich experience in the corporate domain especially related to Tech and data. We have certain industry oriented live projects that we provide to our students for rigorous practice. We also have a full support for the placement of tech Industry where the Institute, as well as faculty members on their behalf, provide a placement to good performing students.


So, you might be aware of the importance of SAS and how ACIL has incorporated its effort to provide you with the best training in the domain. Acil software solution is the best Institute for SAS training in Gurgaon which assures and ensures a good future for its candidate in the data field. We continuously work to quench your thirst for learning and curiosity. Invest with us to develop a value-based learning and be an asset to the organization. I believe your decision to choose will prove out to be the best.

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