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6 Weeks Summer Training

Acing the examinations with good marks is not enough to have a good career. You need proper practical training to leave an impact on the industry and be a part of the same. And for that, ACIL Software Solution’s 6 weeks summer training proves to be extremely beneficial. It lets you apply your learning in live-projects with the guidance from expert trainers. This will not only sharpen your skills but also will improve your knowledge about the industry.
We offer various summer training which you can complete just within 6 weeks and be an experienced individual.

  • Net-.Net is the technology which supports multiple languages, 67 to be specific and lets the people connect with each other easily. It was introduced to aid the internet issue and is secure to use and easy to program. As the framework supports GUI (graphical user interface), so one can easily design and develop it. At present, the IT companies, the top MNCs have huge affinity towards.Net developers; hence this training will be useful.
  • Embedded System- To get a better understanding of the embedded system, you will be introduced to the 8051 microcontrollers, a small computer which is designed for such applications. The 6 weeks summer training of ACIL teaches you about the applications and appliance following this system and is a good choice.
  • Java- The language which is used for object-oriented programming various applications offers wider career options for its pursuers. Our training course will offer an insight into the matter and its present and future applications as well. On entering the course, you will come across the various steps which will guide you further.
  • PHP- This is basically a combination of various tools and scripting language which is used by most to create static and dynamic websites. It is easy to learn and use. If you avail of this course, you will be able to learn using your creativity to come up with innovative ideas for working on HTTP. There is a huge demand for the PHP designers and developers. Thus, our training might be the perfect launch pad.
  • SQT- This is quite in-vogue now and companies are in search of experts who can work wonders with this software. Our 6 weeks summer training will make you aware of all the technicalities of SQT and will prepare you to step by step with tests and mock tests to graph your improvement.
  • AUTOCAD- The software Automatic Computer-Aided Design is a magic wand that lets the designer bring out the best in 3D and 2D designs overcoming all lacks and lags. This program finds its use over various industries for its attractive features. Hence, training in AUTOCAD will widen your future prospects and make you an asset whom every company will want.
  • Cloud Computing- The cloud computing plays an important role by letting people access information without downloads or installations of apps. Because of its miscellaneous uses, this has found great acceptance in the IT sector and many leading brands are using it. It can scan virus, store data, act as elastic server etc. Therefore, training in this discipline will certainly be useful.
  • Networking- A 6 weeks summer training course comprising all the CCNA certifications will open up various avenues to a networking industry aspirant. Our course covers all important factors of networking connections like installations, configuration, functional, implementation, and verification. You will not only be an expert about basic stuff but will also knowledge on WAN/LAN technology.
  • Oracle- The Oracle 11gDBA is basically a revolution to improve the value of data administrators. This teaches new techniques to be adept in the field. With practical examples and a perfect working environment, our training offers firsthand knowledge that helps to earn an attractive salary.

Other attractive options

If you are in search of some more alternatives, then you can opt for our Linux, Ethical hacking, android training as well. This will enlighten you on the respective fields and its applications. The demands for these experts are also high.

Thus, if you are pertinent to have a great future, then avail the 6 weeks summer training by enrolling in ACIL Software Solution. As an institution, we have top-class facilities and faculties with assured placement promises!

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