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Node js training in gurgaon

JavaScript is most popular now a day and come up with lot of changes. JavaScript is running on the Server and browser also.
Node.js is an open source server environment, which build on Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. We can install and run it on different platform like Window, Linux, Mac OS, and Unix etc. It is Free to use. Node JavaScript can handle response and request from client to server. As we know JavaScript is a client-side script but through node we can use as server-side JavaScript.
Through Node JavaScript, we can make our website and Application dynamic. We can Read write execute delete our files on fileserver. With the help of node, we can collect data form database or XML or Server and we can add delete data form database by sending request.

Amit (Trainer) having more than 5+ Year Experience in the field of Node js Training in Gurgaon. He worked with lot of major brands i.e. PVR, Mantra etc. He is expert in JavaScript, Angular, Backbone, Typescript, HTML, Bootstrap, React.js and Native Script, jQuery, Python, Django etc.

Node JavaScript

  • Introduction
  • What is Node JavaScript
  • Advantage of Node JavaScript
  • New Web Server Model
  • Process Model in Node JavaScript

Environment Setup

  • Install Node JavaScript on Window
  • Install Node JavaScript on Linux
  • Installing on Mac Machine OS
  • How to Use REPL
  • How to check Node Console


  • Function
  • Buffer
  • Modules Types
  • Module
  • Local Modules
  • Export Modules
  • Core Modules

Node Packages Manager

  • What is NPM
  • How to install packages through npm
  • How to add dependency in package json
  • How to Install package globally
  • Update Package using npm

Web Server

  • How to Create web server
  • How to handle http request
  • Sending Request
  • Working on Request and Response
  • Error Handling

File System

  • What is Fs in node JavaScript
  • Read Files
  • Write Files
  • Write Files asynchronously
  • Update Files
  • Delete Files
  • Open a Files
  • Other Operation
  • Error handling with File Handling
  • Read HTML Files, JSON Files, XML Files and other with Node

 Application Debugging

  • How to Debug node.js code
  • Debug with Visual Studio


  • Error Events
  • Classes with EventEmitter
  • Asynchronous vs. Synchronous
  • Passing Argument in this listener
  • Inhering Events
  • Return Emitter

Express JavaScript

  • How to use Express Framework
  • How to Configuring Routes in Application
  • Create Web Application with Express

Database Connectivity

  • Data Base Connectivity
  • Configuration of Database
  • Select Query in Database
  • Update records with Query
  • Delete records with Query
  • Insert records with Query
  • String Connectivity


  • Working with JSON
  • DataStructure in JSON
  • Fetch data with JSON in node.js
  • JSON.Stringfy and JSON.parse data


  • Create Database
  • Create Table in Database
  • Insert
  • Select
  • Order By
  • Limit
  • Drop Table
  • Update
  • Left Join
  • Right Join
  • Select From


  • Create Database
  • Create Collection
  • Insert
  • Select
  • Find
  • Limit
  • Drop Collection
  • Update
  • Left Join
  • Right Join
  • Select From

Static Resources

  • How to Work with Static Files
  • Working with middleware

Template Engine

  • What is Template Engine
  • What is Jade
  • Why Vash
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