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Best Native Script Training in gurgaon and Hybrid App Development Training in Gurgaon

Native Script is an Open Source Framework where developers can build Native App (IOS and Android App) with web view. While building the application User Interface, we can use libraries, Angular, Typescript and Modern JavaScript.

Native script features have familiar with modern angular with latest features like CLI, Router Support, Code Generation and Web packs and more. Native Script also support to JavaScript, Typescript, CSS and Flexbox also. Develop you hybrid app development free by using Native Script.

Our Trainer have more than 5+ Year Experience in the field of Hybrid or Mobile App Development Training in Gurgaon. He work with various major brands i.e. PVR, Mantra etc. His expertise in Angular, Backbone, JavaScript, React.js, Typescript, HTML, Bootstrap and Native Script, jQuery, Python, Django etc.

At our Native Script Training in Gurgaon, we teach us you the advanced and updated languages which is essential for every Front end Developer or Mobile Application Developer

Native Script

  • What is Native Script vs Angular 7.0
  • CLI Basis and Setup

Core Concept of Native

  • Installing Native Script and dependences
  • What is Modules in Native
  • Navigation and data binding in Native
  • Plugins
  • Events
  • Access API with JavaScript
  • Manage Memory with native
  • Multithreading in native
  • Error Handling
  • Native Scripts Application
  • Creating a New Native Script Project with Angular 20. & 7.0

Android Runtime

  • Get Started
  • Installation Android SDK
  • Debug
  • Marshalling
  • Binding with Native
  • Building a Application for Android
  • Testing Application with Android SDK

IOS Runtime

  • Building Application with IOS
  • Debug
  • Marshalling
  • Limitations
  • Testing  IOS Application


  • What is User Interface
  • Widgets
  • Styling Native Script UI Component using css
  • Theme Design of Application with Build Styles
  • Play with Images
  • Using Animation with CSS Key fames
  • Icons in Native
  • Fonts
  • Model View
  • Support to Multiple Designs


  • What is Unit Testing
  • What is Transpilers
  • Working with App ID
  • Working with Extension in Native Script
  • Debugging
  • Publishing
  • Command Line Interface
  • Setting  Android Emulators

Hardwar Access

  • How to Use Graphical Location in Native Script
  • How to Use Device Camera in Native Script

Plugin Development with native

  • What is Plugin and its reference
  • Building and Debugging Plugin in Native
  • Develop UI Plugins by using Components
  • Build plugin by custom components
  • Building Plugin with cocoa pods
  • How to implement native theme in plugins
  • Check Plugin Quality
  • Unit Testing of Plugins
  • What is infrastructure of android plugins
  • How to use library in IOS Platform

App & Screens templates

  • Screens
  • Application Template in native
  • Custom Template create

Performance Optimization

  • Using Web pack
  • Image Optimization


  • Application
  • Color
  • Console
  • Observable
  • Array with Observable
  • Using Virtual Array
  • FPS Meter
  • HTTP
  • File System
  • Platform
  • Timer
  • XML Parser
  • Modules

Building Functional Application with Angular   

  • How to Create Tiny URL API
  • How to Create page for display URL
  • Create page for user input and url
  • Config Routing
  • Save and Load URL Data
  • Launch Saved url in browsers

Best Practice    

  • Learn URL Shorter with Google Console
  • Switching Tiny URL form Google
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