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Full Stack Development Course in Gurgaon

The term “Full Stack Development” refers to creating an app and a website from scratch. Websites are built by front- and back-end developers, who are equally responsible for their design and implementation. Full-stack developers are capable of designing and building cutting-edge websites and mobile applications.

They can handle all aspects of development, from the front to the rear. Enroll in the Full Stack Developer Training in Gurgaon to learn the most recent skills. Choosing the right platform for a better future can help you get more profound knowledge and be more successful in your life.

Course Objectives

Graduates of the Certificate program should be in a position to:

  • Develop internet-based websites using their newly acquired expertise, information, and talents.
  • Present ideas, information, goods, and services on websites using fundamental design concepts.
  • Apply fundamental programming concepts to the design and development of websites.
  • Web project management may be done effectively using the available resources.
  • Develop Mobile app
  • Create Complete Frontend using JavaScript frontend technologies
  • Research on Multiple Technologies related to frontend and backend
  • Create Database Model and Architecture

What are the per-requisites for a full stack development course?

A full-stack development course is suggested for students, front-end and back-end developers alike.

Candidates must have graduated from high school to take this Full Stack Developer Course. Moreover, students should have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS.

  • Have basic Knowledge of Computer
  • Must have 12th or Graduate or and Degree Courses
  • If he should be have basic knowledge of HTML CSS then well good
  • Candidate must be good in Math’s

Languages Covered in Full Stack Development Course

  • HTML 4.0 & 5.0
  • CSS 2.0/3.0
  • Oops in Css
  • Visual Code Editor
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • SVG and Canvas
  • FTP
  • Bootstrap
  • React Js – Core and Native
  • React – Redux
  • React – Thunk
  • React – Saga
  • Enzyme
  • Node Js
  • Mongo DB
  • MySQL
  • Angular js
  • Express js
  • Next Js
  • Material UI
  • Ant Design
  • Style Component
  • Gatsby Js
  • Vue Js
  • Ejs and Jade
  • React Bootstrap
  • Typescript
  • Github
  • Gitlab
  • Aws/Cloud
  • Ngnix
  • Debugging
  • Linix
  • SVN

Full Stack Development Course Syllabus

HTML & CSS in Front-end Development

The learning objective of this certification course is to help students understand the importance of designing web pages on the front-end. It includes courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML SVG, Graphics, Frameworks, SQL among others. The students will also be provided with some real projects during their training that will help them learn how they can implement their skills on a project basis.

  • What is HTML & HTML 4.0 & HTML 5.0
  • Basic HTML Tags
  • Basic Structure in HTML
  • Nested HTML
  • Ordered and Unordered List
  • Building Tables
  • Build Tables using DIV
  • Nested Tables
  • rowspan and colspan
  • Create Newsletter and mailer using tables
  • What is URL and Ancor Linking
  • Link one page to another
  • Target Attribute
  • Navigate to Websites
  • Linking Pages
  • Drop down
  • Position – Absolute, Relative, Fixed
  • Multi Dropdown
  • Create Drop down using nested List
  • Modify Drop down
  • After and Before
  • Forms
  • Input
  • Textarea
  • Select Box
  • Button
  • Types of Input
  • Action and Methods
  • SVG
  • Create SVG using Figma
  • Canvas
  • SAAS in CSS
  • Less in CSS
  • Create Nested HTML using HTML 4.0
  • Use of HTML 5.0 HTML Concepts
  • HTML 5.0 Geolocation
  • Webworkers
  • HTML 5.0 Tags and its used
  • One Page Scrolling HTML

HTML 5.0 & CSS 3.0 Syllabus


jQuery is the library of java-script which help in full stack development achieve the animation, validation of HTML page.

  • What is jQuery
  • use of jQuery
  • Version in jQuery
  • this
  • addClass
  • removeClass
  • toggleClass
  • hide
  • show
  • slideDown
  • slideUp
  • slideToggle
  • document.ready
  • window.load
  • height
  • width


Javascript is a programming languages used for client site web pages. it is faster than other scripting languages. it based on Object Oriented Programming.

  • What is Javascript
  • Javascript Blocks
  • Building and Types
  • Data Types
  • Control Flow
  • Loops
  • Experssions
  • Number
  • Dates
  • Function & its Types
  • Classes
  • Promises
  • Concurrency Model
  • Errors
  • Misc
JavaScript Syllabus


Typescript is an free and open source languages developed by Microsoft.

  • What is Typescript
  • Benefits and Setup
  • Data Types
  • Array
  • Tuples
  • Enum
  • undefined
  • null
  • interface
  • casting
  • Destructing
  • Spread
  • Classes
  • Interfaces
  • Modules and Namespaces

Express Js

Express JavaScript is the framework of Node Js which is fast and moderate. This is used to create front-end and back-end application using Node Js.

  • What is Express JavaScript
  • Request
  • Response
  • Get
  • Post
  • Routing
  • Cookies
  • File Upload
  • Middle ware
  • Template


Angular is a JavaScript framework for developing web applications. It is used by companies such as NASA, eBay and Coca-Cola. With Angular, students can learn to build cross-platform web applications in a short time. Some of the advantages that students can expect from Angular are perfect browser compatibility and an easy installation process. What’s more, they can create interactive front end apps with animations and HTML 5 features after learning Angular fundamentals.

Angular Js Syllabus

React Js

You’ll gain real-world experience and skills that will help you land a job in the field of software engineering. React JS Certification Training Course is designed specifically for people who want to make their first step into the world of software development. It’s easy to follow and offers an interactive curriculum that will be sure to entertain even the most reluctant students.

  • What is React Js
  • Virtual DOM
  • Functional Component
  • Class Component
  • Life Cycle Method
  • Hooks
  • useState
  • useEffects
  • useReducer
  • useMemo
  • useCallback
  • Redux
  • Thnuk
  • Saga

React Js Syllabus

Node Js

Build complex projects using JS or CSS frameworks: AngularJS, ReactJS, EmberJS etc. The Node.js Certification Training Course will help students to learn the fundamentals of Node.js along with the basics of JavaScript that are needed to understand how the language works and how it is used in this environment. They will get practical knowledge on how to use Node.js to build both backend and front-end web applications as well as mobile apps using this framework effectively through project tutorials, examples, and case studies.

  • What is Node Js
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Node Js
  • Install Node Js on Window, Mac and Linix
  • Function
  • Modules
  • Buffer
  • Local and Core Modules
  • npm
  • installing and upgrading packages
  • dependeces
  • http requests
  • File Systems
  • Debugging
  • Events
  • Express Js
  • Static Files
  • Templates Engine
  • Jade
  • Ejs

Mongo DB

Database skills such as MongoDB are key to building successful career. The demand for these skills has been growing exponentially in recent years because of the emergence of big data analytics and cloud computing. MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database management tool which is designed for storing complex and large data sets. It’s the third most popular database on the market, with over 10 million downloads since 2010. Students should learn MongoDB Certification Training Course to hone their skills and learn from experts in the field.

  • Introduction to MongoDb
  • MongoDb Atlas
  • Document Model in Mongo
  • Database Build
  • Insert and Update
  • Delete
  • Replace
  • Modifying Query
  • Indexes
  • Search
  • Transactions

Career after Full-stack development course

Let’s look at the many career paths we open as full-stack developers now that we’ve mastered the essential skills.

Full-stack developer

  • Get high Range Salary approx. starting 20 – 40 LPA
  • Chances to become a project manager
  • You can handle frontend, backend and mobile app both
  • Chances to get job easily
  • Salary Hike Rate is high

Developer Backend

  • Work in Backend Technologies with Node and Python or PHP
  • Changes to become a team lead backend
  • Salary hike is average
  • Get starting 15- 25 LPA

Developer’s front-end

  • Work with React and Angular
  • Starting 5-15 LPA
  • Salary hike is high in low salary but after few time you move to backend to get high salary
  • Become a team lead in future

Web Designer

  • Less hike in salary according to experience
  • Salary Range 3 LPA to 6 LPA
  • No good Growth

Student Loan

Students can also take loans at 0% Interest and pay them in easy EMIs.

How ACIL Students Prepare for Better Jobs:

  • A team of tutors is on hand to help students prepare for their interviews.
  • Several interviews are offered to students by the Placement team.
  • Trainers and lab facilities belonging are given to the students
  • Exam Dumps for Full Stack Developer are performed
  • Professional Certification Guidance and Support are then provided.
  • Experience also provided if student take internship
  • Work with directly client projects
  • They will pay you after job

Recently Placed Students in TOP MNC – Reviews

  • It was an excellent opportunity for growth. I was impressed with the trainer’s knowledge and enthusiasm, and I want to express my gratitude to the Training and Placement Cell for their continual assistance.
  • I am happy to be a student at this institute, where I am given many opportunities and well supported by the faculty and the career advisors. Having the chance to be an IT engineer is a lifelong ambition.
  • Their faculty members are amicable and helpful. The school’s Placement Cell is also doing a fantastic job placing students in top MNCs and providing them with valuable corporate experience.
  • Placement Shivendra Singh

    Shivendra Singh

    Frontend Developer – 5.2 LPA
  • Placement Bhuvesh Singla

    Bhuvesh Singla

    Full Stack Developer – 14 LPA
  • Placement Deepak Beniwal

    Deepak Beniwal

    Backend Developer – 5 LPA
  • Placement Pawan Kumar Mall

    Pawan Kumar Mall

    Web Developer – 4.6 LPA
  • Placement Shivam


    React Developer – 11 LPA
  • Placement Deepak Tyagi

    Deepak Tyagi

    Frontend Developer – 9 LPA
  • Bhuvesh Web Reviews
  • Shivam Reviews
  • Deepak Reviews

Get Industry Recognized ACIL Certificate in Full Stack Developer Training

ACIL accreditation is recognized by all of the world’s leading high-end enterprises. Full Stack Developer Courses in Gurgaon teaches you how to build web applications from the ground up, including the front end, middle, and back ends.

You will learn how to make a complete application, including testing and implementing code, using Mongo DB, and more. It enhances your professional profile. MNCs throughout the globe are looking for people with this qualification.

About ACIL Full Stack Developer Trainer

  • Trainer have 13+ Year Experience
  • Have work in Multiple MNC
  • Strong Experience in Frontend and Backend
  • Work with Agile Technologies
  • Experience in React Node Mongo, Angular, PHP etc
  • Experience in Project Management also

Key Features

Industry expert facilities

The experts are highly experienced in their field and provide world-class knowledge in the best possible way to the students.

Live Projects Work

live project facility allows the students to have a more deep knowledge about the project and understand it much better.

Directly work with Remote client project

Direct work with remote clients helps to facilitate the feature of individualism in one and helps to better understand the objectives and framework.

Faculty have 15+ Year Experience

Our faculty has 15+ years of experience in the field which in turn improves the productiveness of the course and the students.

Multiple Projects during course

Multiple projects during the course are also afford to the students to have better grasp of the course and gain some extra knowledge.

Internship provided during the course

Internship is provided during the course to boost the morale of the student and helps them to perform better in their field.

Training Advantages in Be Practical

There are several practical advantages of full stack development course in Gurgaon. Some of these advantages are listed below:

  • Free demo classes
  • Backup classes
  • Real-time projects
  • Job-oriented courses
  • Free HR sessions
  • Free technical assistance
  • Dedicated trainers
  • Smooth evaluation process
  • Top interview tips


Are the trainers experienced?

Yes, the trainers are very experienced and help the students gain the best of their knowledge.

What is the duration of a full-stack?

People with a strong desire to study should aim for a minimum of Twelve to Fifteen months to complete the course

Who can learn full-stack?

If a student has good understanding of Math and Reasoning then he must be good developer.

What are the career prospects for full-stack?

A full-stack developer might take on various tasks and responsibilities when working in a group. As a result, they are expected to grasp the fundamentals of both front-end and back-end engineering and the fundamentals of design and DevOps

Can I attend a demo session before enrollment?

Yes, you can attend, 7 demo free classes are available. After that, it will paid for each classes, until student is not satisfied

Whether will there be a coding test conducted?

After you have passed the first round, a mandatory element for you to complete is the coding exam.

What are the minimum and maximum salaries for full-stack for freshers?

In India, a newbie may expect to make around 3,75,000 as a full-stack developer. A salary of INR 12-14 lakhs may be scheduled for a person with 5-9 years of mid-level expertise.

What if I miss classes?

If you miss the class, we will schedule an extra class for you.

What modes of training are available?

  • On-the-job-oriented training methods.
  • Simulation Methods
  • Knowledge-Based Method
  • Experiential Methods
  • Offline

Do you provide placements?

Yes, placements are provided to the students who excel in the course. 100% Placement Gaurantee , Get staring salary with 30 K , If student talented then salary goes to 10 LPA – 20 LPA

Do you provide experience?

Yes, If student join our internship program then we provide.

If I not get job what you do?

If student complete the course and one live project independently then we start to pay that student according to their skills

Can I Become full stack developer without having college degree?

The answer to that question depends on the employer. A lot of companies are willing to take a chance on you if they see potential, but it can be hard to move up in the company without an IT degree.

Many companies are now hiring more full-stack developers with degrees in other fields. This doesn’t work for every company, but some are realizing that their new hires have an advantage because they have a holistic understanding of the company’s business.

How Many Certificates I will Receive After the Course?

ACIL provide 2 certification and which helps to build your future more secure and strong, One certification for course completion and another one for working experience of our IT company name: ACIL TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.

Before Classes What I can Start Learning?

The best way to approach the full stack development course is to start with the JavaScript fundamentals and then move on to Angular. After that, you can learn about React and Node.js as well as how they work together. But if You are a beginner then you can start watching HTML, CSS YouTube Video to know what you will learn With ACIL.

Why we should go for full stack development course instead of individual course?

The main problem with going for individual courses is that most of the times, you don’t get a holistic view of how the knowledge you have acquired in one subject translates to others.

In full stack development courses, there is a complete focus on web development and most importantly, it covers front-end and back-end together which helps develop a deep understanding of how all these different parts work.

There are many benefits of going for a full stack course rather than an individual course. For example, if you want to become a web developer or back-end developer then you can go for front-end coding course or back-end coding course separately but that will not help you in understanding both the ecosystems together.

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