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Django Training in Gurgaon | Django Course in Gurgaon

What is Django?

Django is an open source framework which is written in Python. It is Free to use and having lot of components that help developer to develop website easy and fast.

If you are build a website, then you need components where developer can handle authentication, Data Extraction, Forms and upload files.

A Framework is a collection of modules that make development easy. Python allow to develop website or application by using existing code instead of scratch.

What you learn in Django Training in Gurgaon?

  • You can learn here Django URL pattern, view and deploy Django application.
  • Here you can learn Django Security application and also learn how to create web application by using it
  • Acil teach you how to work with powerful database and create admin interface.
  • We also teach you Django fundamental and deploy robotic web application and web apps.

What I do after completing this course?

  • You can build a robust Django application
  • What is Rest API and how we integrate it?
  • How to Debug Django and unit test?
  • Develop website by integration Django features
  • Develop application which integrate with database
  • How to create, manage and control admin interface
  • Authenticate user
  • Create Forms and views.
  • Create Template and views        

Course Content in Django

Django Overview

  • What is Django
  • How to install Django
  • MVC Structure in Django

Python Syllabus and Upcoming Batches

Python & Advance Python Data Science with Python


  • You First View
  • How to map URL to view?
  • Django Process Request
  • What is URL Patterns in Django?
  • Error handling
  • Regular Expressions


  • Templates and its Basic Structure
  • Dictionaries and content
  • Build in Filter and tags
  • Custom Tags
  • Custom Filters
  • Using Template in view


  • What is Model
  • How to setting up Database.
  • Create Django Apps
  • Define Model
  • How we create table model in DB
  • Add Model String
  • Inserting and Update Data in DB
  • Filtering Data
  • Ordering Data
  • Slicing Data
  • Delete an Object     

Django Admin interface

  • How to enable admin interface?
  • How to Create an admin user?

Django Forms

  • Create Forms in Django
  • How to Search Query
  • Post and Get Method
  • What is Forms in Django
  • Simple and Custom Validation
  • Build Forms in Django
  • How to place instance into template content?

User Authentication

  • What is User Objects.
  • How to use Django Authentication System?
  • What is Authentication Views.
  • Extend the existing user model.
  • Build Login Logout Application


  • Function base pagination.
  • Class Base Pagination.

Data Catching in Python

  • Data Catching
  • Page Per View Catching
  • Website Catching

Access Control & Session Users

  • Cookies in Django
  • What is Django Session Framework?
  • Session in View
  • Session Tuning
  • Django User Authentication
  • Authentication in view
  • Auth Decorators
  • Add and Deactivate Users
  • Async Messaging
  • Permission

Django Email Functionality

  • Configure Email Setting
  • Send mail Function
  • Intro about session and cookie
  • How to use a session?
  • How to use session in view?
  • What is authentication in web requests
  • What is login logout in session?
  • Expire Session
  • Middleware
  • How to write middleware
  • Activate Middleware

Class Based Views

  • View()
  • TemplateView()
  • ListView()
  • FormView()
  • CreateView()
  • DetailView()
  • UpdateView()
  • DeleteView()
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