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Visualize your VLSI needs with ACIL

In the present scenario, the top MNCs seek experienced candidates who can perform and play a crucial role in the company’s progress. And so, having theoretical knowledge about a certain subject is no longer enough. Rather it has become more necessary to sharpen your practical skills and to apply those in the trying situations to make a mark on the mind of the recruiters. Therefore, to become an employee in a renowned MNC, you now need to have a certain level of experience in matters of application and aptitude and you can only learn that through job-oriented training.

If you are interested, you will come across many institutes offering such training but be sure to choose the best one. As, on this decision, your future will depend, so don’t just go with any random name. We are one pioneering brand offering similar courses for the students who want to continue their good work in this particular field. So, keep ACIL Software Solution, a leading VLSI Training Institute in Gurgaon in your list and go through our features before deciding on anything.

How VLSI is changing life?

The emergence of any innovative move is for the betterment of the civilization and the circumstances. Same is the motive behind VLSI which stands for Very-Large-Scale-Integration. This is nothing but a process in which an integrated circuit is created after the combination of multiple devices and transistors in a single chip. As it can be understood, it helps in the reduction of the shape of the electric circuits which can bring many advantages.

But to make the most of this technology, one needs to have a complete and clear idea about the methodology, its applications, pros, and cons. And it is impossible to have a concrete notion about this only with book-based education. And herein lays the importance of VLSI training which introduces the student to the subject and also teaches how to apply the same to get better results.

We at ACIL, try to cover a wide stretch of basic as well as advanced VLSI with the help of simplified manners and live projects. We designed the course keeping in mind the needs of the industry and the corporate and this, in turn, helped us to be the best VLSI training Center in Gurgaon.

Why are we the best?

We have been in this field for the past few years and know exactly which the problem areas are. And by virtue of our experience and efficient action, we have become the best.

  • Expert Trainers- We have gathered the specialists of the subjects to train our students and these specialists are none other than the present professionals of the top MNCs. With their knowledge and understanding, these trainers provide the students the exact conditionings which will help them to survive in the industry for a long time. Their precious referrals also help the candidates to get an acquaintance in the company where they work.
  • Promised Placements- Apart from having the best faculty members, we have also arranged state-of-the-art facilities which attract our students and encourage them to bring the best out of them. Our VLSI placement training also ensures the placement of our students in the top MNC with whom we have friendly ties. Other than that, our course completion certificate is also valid throughout the world and so you can easily get a job wherever you want.
  • Grooming Sessions- We not only hone your technical skills rather focus on your overall development. We offer spoken English classes, personality improvement classes, mock interviews, grooming sessions etc. to condition your basic flaws and build a character. We believe and promote constructive criticism to boost the confidence which appeals to the crowd. And we offer this supplementary course for free.

Our candidates are our prime concern and for their benefits, we keep on continuously upgrading ourselves and our course. We take full responsibility of the students, which you won’t find in all other institutions.

ACIL’s Special Features

Our features vouch for our reputation and a glimpse will show that why we are counted among the top ten VLSI Training Institute in India.

  • Our course ticks all the requirements of the corporate and the industries.
  • We imbibe simple approaches to reach out to more students.
  • We install projectors in our classrooms to make learning all the easier.
  • We even offer WiFi access to students for browsing the internet for research purposes.
  • We have equipped our labs with all top-class machinery to improve the practical skill.
  • The trainers bring real-time projects to assess the students’ growth and application power.
  • We video record classes for the students who missed the classes for future use.
  • We provide PDFs, e-books, question bunches for steady exam preparations.
  • Our classes are scheduled as per the needs of the students on a weekly or daily basis.
  • We even offer extra time for the students to practice perfection.
  • We offer globally recognized certificates to validate the course.
  • We arrange for interview calls until each of our students get placed according to their merits.
  • We accept all forms of payment like Net Banking, Cards, Cash, Cheques etc.


It is mandatory to have a proper training if you are sure about fighting for a place in this industry. You will have to be the best among the rest and that is only possible if you train under the best. We at ACIL promise exactly that with a guarantee. Our trainers are unquestionably the most experienced of the lot who take proper care and concern of the candidates while preparing them for the industry. No other center can offer you the infrastructures that we cater.
So, to strive for a better future with secured placement, contact us at ACIL Software Solution. We are without any doubt, the best VLSI Training Institute in Gurgaon offering a job-oriented training at a reasonable rate for all those promising students who aspire to rule the world with their technical knowledge. Just, trust us!

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