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UI UX Course in Gurgaon at ACIL Institute is a course that teaches the basics to advance UI design and UX design. The course teaches students the fundamentals of UI design and UX design, including the user experience, interaction, visual design, and usability.

One must have good technical skills to carry on in the technology field. All the top MNCs prefer employees with practical experience to serve the customers better. In such a state, it is essential to be appropriately trained and be an asset to the company. In the tech industry, people trained in UI UX Design are in demand. So, to pursue such a career, you must consult a good training institute. Many institutes provide good guidance with the promise of placing in a reputed company. ACIL is one such UI UX training institute in Gurgaon with possibilities.

We teach students to create a User Experience (UX) Design Strategy for their company’s product or service. Students will also be taught how to use Sketch App, Photoshop CC, and Illustrator CC to create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for their projects.

About UI UX

UI UX designing are a technical concept used for the users’ welfare of the websites or products. UI is the design of user interfaces for various software and machines like home devices, computers, mobile, and other electronic devices. The aim here lies in making able and simple designs to enhance users’ experience. UX is improving the ease of access, usability, and pleasure of the users by offering better exchanges with the products. Both are essential for any company’s thriving, so persons trained in these designs are given the first choice.

What are the outcomes of UI UX Course?

The outcomes of UI UX are:

  • Better understanding of what user needs and wants
  • Clear understanding of the business goals
  • Understanding of the process to create a product or service
  • Knowledge on how to make a product or service more usable, understandable and desirable
  • Knowledge how to make a product or service more accessible for people with disabilities
  • Knowledge on how to measure success of product and services
  • You will have a better understanding of how to navigate the interface and other features
  • You will feel more confident using the UI

Qualification Required to become a UI UX Designer.

  • Candidate Must be 12th and Graduate with any stream i.e B.Com, BSC, BA or Diploma.
  • He must have basic knowledge of computers.
  • If candidates know Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or any Graphic Designing tools then it will be an advantage.
  • Those candidates having experience in Creativity Field or Have knowledge of Creative then can learn easily

What Job Roles Are Eligible For You?

A UI/UX designer is responsible for creating wireframes that illustrate how an application should function for different types of users. They consider other platforms and devices when designing interfaces to ensure that they are usable on different devices. They are also in charge of creating wireframes and prototypes, which are used to test the usability of their designs before they go live.

List Of Job Positions available for UI UX Designers are:

UX Designer

  • UX designers are a vital part of any design team. They are responsible for a product or service’s usability and user experience.
  • A UX designer is responsible for understanding users’ needs and designing a practical solution that caters to those needs.
  • UX designers work closely with other design team members to ensure that their designs meet the requirements of all stakeholders.

Product Designer

Product Designer is a critical role in the success of any company. Product designers are required to have skills in design, engineering, and business. They need to be able to create something aesthetically pleasing but also functional. In addition, the product designer needs to understand the user experience and know-how to develop creative solutions for any problem that may arise during the design process.

Product designers must have good communication skills as they will work closely with other team members, including engineers and marketing specialists.

User Researcher

User Researcher’s responsibility in jobs is to create a user-centered design process. In addition, they are responsible for designing and executing user research and understanding user needs.

The User Researcher has three primary responsibilities: to design and execute user research, understand their users’ needs, and translate these findings into actionable insights for designers.

Course Content of UI

Web Layout Design

Design Web Layout for Multiple Industries i.e Services Based, Product Based, E-Commerce, Booking Portals, One Page Layout Design

Mobile Web Layout Design

Convert Design into Mobile Design, Create Flow of Mobile Design with Guidelines

Mobile App Design

Mobile App for all Services based and Product based Industries, Game App Design, Portal, Restaurants, or Travel Application Design.

Tablet Application Design

Work on Tablet Application, Design App according to User and Usability, Design Pattern of Android and IOS Tablet Design

Material Design

Work on Material Design Concept Guidelines of Material Design Design Web and App with Material Design

Flat Design

The design concept of Flat Design, Where we used a flat design concept

Android and IOS Design

Difference between android and ios design, Design Guidelines of android and ios

Backend Design

Concept to design backend theme, Workflow of backend design

Vendor Applications & Customer Application Design

What is Vendor Application, Customer Application

Course Content of UX

UI UX Design Course in Gurgaon shapes up the future of the youths. It also provides an alternative work to satiate the needs of the MNCs. A trained UI/UX designer is an excellent value to the company, so ACIL grooms the interested candidates into eligible professionals.

UX Research

It is the process where you understand the user by available data on a different platform or collected from other sources

Research Analysis

In that process, we need to research on User needs of that application or product.

User Research

Concepts and Benefits of User Research and How it applied

UX Design Process

Introduction and Definition of the best UX Design Process are used to design an application.

6D Design UX Process

Persona Creation

Why persona is essential in UX, How and Where you create this

User Persona UX Design

User Testing

It is an essential part of the UX Design Process. It helps to evaluate the products with your UX users


What is Storyboard, and why its importance?


How to create a scenario

Task Flow Analysis

User Flow and Task Flow Methods with Examples

Information Architecture

What are IA Patterns and where this information Architecture is used

Wireframe and Prototyping

It is a method to create a rough & conceptual idea of design

Want to Know about Syllabus

Course Syllabus

Lifetime career opportunities

Many people think UI UX design is not a lifetime opportunity. But, as technology is growing daily, this field is also growing. As a result, the demand for such designers is also increasing.
We can say that this course will help you in your future career and give you a chance to explore your potential in the field of UI UX design. You will learn to play with visual elements and generate new ideas to create enjoyable experiences while learning the skills and how to think outside the box and solve problems creatively.

Is this course for you?

The course aims to create a robust foundation for anyone who wants to start a career in design. Thus, anyone can join this course regardless of their profession.

Graphic Designer

Yes, A graphic designer can do a UI/UX course and learn the basics of UI design and UX. This is because they already have the skillset to create a digital product from scratch.


Yes, they can do it, UI/UX is not a skill every developer has. They are experts in coding and programming, while UI/UX is more about the design aspect of the product. But with the rise in demand for UI/UX designers, many developers want to learn it too.

Project Manager

Yes, a project manager can do a UI UX course. A UI UX course will teach them to design interfaces and user interactions. This is something that they need to be able to do their job correctly.

  • Website Designers
  • User Interface designers
  • Visual Designers
  • Web Developer
  • Frontend Developers
  • Students
  • Business Man
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketing
  • Creative Mind People

Why choose us?

ACIL understands the needs of the market and can satisfy that. The center’s features are student-friendly, efficient faculties, top-class facilities, and placement programs.

  • Spacious classrooms with inbuilt projectors for easy understanding.
  • Well-equipped labs for practical training.
  • Daily, weekly, or planned classes for students’ ease.
  • I recorded video tutorials for students who missed training or two.
  • Training programs based on current industry standards and live projects.
  • Study materials include online videos, e-books, certifications dumps and handouts, interview question booklet, etc.
  • Character growth and grooming classes with mock interviews, spoken English, group discussions, and presentations.
  • Expert trainers with many years of industry experience from top MNCs.
  • UI UX Courses in Gurgaon approved by the MNCs.
  • Placements according to the merit in significant MNCs.
  • Course Completion Certificate accepted by the World.
  • Many payment options benefit the students.
  • We Provides 100% Job Guaranteed in our Full Time Internship Program

Latest Placement in UI & UX

  • Prashakha Bhardwaj

    Prashakha Bhardwaj

    UI Designer
    Behance Profile : prashakbhardwa
    Starting : 7.2 LPA

  • Rajat


    UI Designer
    Behance Profile : rajat13
    Starting : 5.8 LPA

  • Tarun


    UI & UX Designer
    Behance Profile : tarunkumar1404
    Starting : 8 LPA

  • Ajay


    UI Designer
    Behance Profile : ajsharma3
    Starting : 7 LPA


What is the difference between UI and UX?

UX means the experience and interaction of a user along with the products and services. In UX Design Course, Research & a technique used to understand the user need. But UI Designer need to design creative and interactive products

What do a UX Designer and UI Designer do?

A UI (User-Interface) designer focuses on the look and layout of web pages. UX (User Experience) designer focuses on how website functions and people interact with it.

  • Build user-centric designs as per business needs, usability findings, customers’ behaviour, and digital trends.
  • Ensure the look and feel of the product and make the product easily visible to its users.
  • Create wireframes, low and high fidelity mockups, prototypes, and user flows.
  • Make the website adaptable and easy to navigate.
  • Performing performance metrics and ensure smooth functioning.
  • Deliver excellent communication and connectivity between the product pages.

How to become a UI/UX Designer?

Teach yourself

A great deal of the basic UI UX design abilities may be learned on your own. Training and skills in various areas, including wireframes, prototypes, and path maps, may help you meet the increasing needs of this rapidly expanding professional sector.

Take a UI UX design Bootcamp or online school to learn more about the field

Start with an introductory design course and work your way up to a UI UX design certification course that focuses on career preparation and job placement.

Learn about the various web design tools

There are many design tools available, but you do not need to be familiar with them all. Learn about the finest ones available, choose your favorites, and keep up to speed with the latest features and fashion trends as they emerge.

Which is a better graphic designer or UI UX designer?

Even though there are many different types of designers, there’s no question that UI UX designers are in high demand right now. Designing digital goods that bridge the gap between the way things appear and how they operate, these designers are at the forefront of developing unique new digital products.

And as the demand for these goods grows, so does the need for excellent UI UX designers, who, in turn, may fetch much more excellent pay as a result of their expertise. Graphic design, on the other hand, has remained static and has failed to keep pace with technological advancement. In addition, the employment market for this kind of design is decreasing compared to more technology-focused design positions.

Which one has the highest salary, Graphic design or UI UX Designer?

A graphic designer in the United States earns an average income of $42,000 per year, whereas an average UX designer earns $74,000 per year, according to PayScale.

Is it necessary to do UX Design Course with UI Design course?

The user interface (UI) design is the cherry on top of the UX cake. For example, Suppose you come up with a fantastic concept for an app, something lacking in the market and has the potential to improve people’s lives significantly. Then, you employ a user experience designer to perform user research and assist you in determining precisely what features your app should have and how the whole user journey should be laid up.

Your software provides something your target audience needs and desires, but after they have downloaded it, they discover that the text on each screen is hardly readable due to poor contrast. This is a typical example of a poor user interface (UI) ruining what might have been an excellent user experience.

When it comes to the other side, have you ever come across a stunning website only to discover that, beyond the mind-blowing animations and on-point color palette, it’s a genuine headache to navigate? Suitable user interfaces can never make up for poor user experiences. It’s like picking up a beautifully adorned cake that turns out to be disgusting when you bite it.

Regarding product design, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) are complementary—and in today’s competitive market, getting both elements right is necessary. Therefore, it’s beneficial to have solid UX and UI design knowledge, regardless of whether you choose to work as a UX or UI designer.

Can anyone learn UI and UX Online, or do we need to go offline?

You can learn it offline or online mode at your convenience. But both methods have their pros and cons.

Online Mode

  • It makes learning and instruction more accessible in poor or isolated settings, and it may be ubiquitous.
  • Transfer of a broad range of study materials in a safe and secure manner.
  • Access to highly qualified and specialized instructors all around the globe.
  • Inadequate technological knowledge and/or operational abilities.
  • The perception of distance between the instructor and the student, which results in a lack of seriousness on the part of the learner.
  • Lack of contact and conversation with other students, resulting in the student’s isolation.

Offline Mode

  • Classrooms that are interactive and allow for the free expression of ideas.
  • Teaching that is qualitative and places equal focus on values and morality
  • Competitive testing and a healthy feeling of healthy competition in the minds of pupils
  • The provision of practical knowledge is sometimes hampered by ignorance.
  • Teachers have a propensity to spoon-feed their students.

Placement Guarantee after completing this UI UX Design course?

The physical presence of a mentor will keep you engaged as you participate in engaging class activities. By the conclusion of this course, you will have completed a project that you may include in your UI UX portfolio. And which in turn will give you a 100% placement guarantee.

Is there any coding in UI UX?

Every young learner has contemplated this issue at some point in their career.

The simple answer is that it does not. UX design does not need the use of code. Nonetheless, there are instances in which learning to code may provide you with an advantage over the competition. For example, if you are searching for an HTML CSS education, you may enroll in the ACIL’s introductory web design training course.

What are the fees for UI UX design course in Gurugram?

For the most part, the course costs for Designing vary, ranging from INR 0.3-1 depending on the course. At ACIL, they have the option for monthly payments and a total refund if the individual is not satisfied.

Why is this course relevant?

Because user experience experts have shown their worth by assisting businesses in better understanding their customers, developing more engaging products and services, and solving business issues, the demand for UI UX designers has risen. And with high demands comes a high salary. As a result, people have also experienced strong job growth in this.

What project am I expected to do?

As a budding user experience designer, your portfolio is the most valuable asset you can have in your job search. So, to make your portfolio good, Our UI UX Design Institute will provide you with training on various projects and assignments. You have the option to complete them at their institute or can take them to your home too.

Are Photoshop, illustrator, and XD being important in UI?

Yes, these tools are essential to designing an application but designing UI is not a tool only. Many designers know tools but do not know how to create an application. So, it is easy to learn tools but not to design.

What if I miss a class?

You should try to be regular in order to learn it effectively. Nevertheless, if someday it happens that you miss the class, you can see the live recorded session. ACIL has the facility of recording the live sessions for further future references.

How many hours of study will be required every week?

Learning about user experience design doesn’t have to be a time-consuming endeavour. You may become a user experience designer in two to four years if you don’t have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field. To begin, enroll in an introductory design course, and then move to a UI/UX design certification course that focuses on professional preparation and advancement. You will need to study for at least 1 hour every day, and will need to devote 4-5 hours for projects and assignments.

What is your 100% Money Back Guarantee?

At Our UI UX Design Institute we do take one-time fees and provide 100% money back guarantee or refund, in the case if the student is not satisfied with our teaching methods.

Is there demo available in the institute?

Yes, there is a great facility for demo classes. A student can attend the demo 2-3 classes at ACIL to understand what it is all about and our innovative teaching methods. They can also talk to our already pursuing students at the institute for more detailed reviews.

Is there any registration fee for the UI UX Design course?

No, we don’t take any registration fees. The registration is completely free of cost for the ease of the students.

What are the batch timings for the UI UX courses in Gurgaon?

There are various batches each day to provide flexibility to the students. A student can enroll in any one amongst the 4-5 batches, as per their convenience.

What are the career opportunities in the UX designing field?

UX Design is now a highly profitable career choice due to digitalization’s impact on all sectors. Many high-paying positions in reputable companies are available for this profession. A UX Design course will provide you with the tools and methods you’ll need to succeed in the field of UX Design.

With the UX Designing field, you can make your career in the following sectors-

  • UX Researcher
  • UX writer
  • Information architect
  • UX/UI Designer
  • UX/UI Strategist

What is the starting salary of a UX designer in India?

An Indian User Experience Designer may earn up to Rs. 19,95,246 per year, which is the highest pay in the country. An entry-level User Experience Designer in India earns $360,000 a year, according to PayScale.

How we choose the best institute in UI and UX

If you want to choose the best institute of UX then you need to check its theory part as well as the practical part. Most institute learns theory but they don’t teach you how you work on the big application like eCommerce, Portal, etc. If you want to choose the best in UI then you need to check the creativity of the designer who going to teach you. You need to spend 4-5 hours with him and assign a design of App or Website to check the creativity because you can’t imagine the creativity if he has knowledge of photoshop or illustrator

Our UX and UI are practical or theoretical?

More than half of UX is a theory, and the rest is practical. In UX Design, a student or professional must learn about Different types of Products and Wireframes, i.e., eCommerce, Booking Engine, Portals, and other application concepts. These are the practical thing of UX. But in UI, Everything is Practical. So designers Must learn on a creative basis.

What is the course duration of UI and UX?

The course duration of UX is approx. 3-4 Months. A student or professional can easily cover weekend or weekdays classes. But for UI Design, it takes approx. 4-5 Months. Here time duration depends upon the knowledge of Graphic tools and concepts. If a graphic designer wants to learn, he takes min 3-4 months for UI only, and if a fresher wants to understand UI, it takes approx. Min 6 months.

Can I Skip few modules and finish the course faster?

You can’t skip modules as they’re all equally essential & Course is designed to ensure you learn sequentially for the entire UX UI Design Process understanding.

Are there any tests or assessments conducted at the end of the design course?

Yes, the mentor critiques your work and gives feedback throughout the course. In the end, a jury panel evaluates your work where you are able to show them what you’ve produced for a talk. They give you feedback and tips which assist with interviews. We also share data about your strengths and weaknesses in the course certificate at the end.

Do we have live sessions conducted for UI UX Design From scratch course?

Live sessions are conducted over Google meet for the online Course of UI UX Design from Scratch. It has live sessions led by experts in the industry, and you can learn at your own pace. The course is divided into four essential sections: Introduction, Interface Design, User Experience Design, and Industry Trends. You will learn about user experience design principles, wireframing for web and mobile apps, prototyping for web and mobile apps with Sketch 3 and Axure RP8, etc.

What are the alternatives if I miss a session?

If you miss a session in the UI UX course, you can always watch the video of that session and get the notes from the ACIL teacher. In addition, the ACIL Institute may post videos of the sessions on their online portals for students to view at their convenience. We also provide notes for students who missed the class. Another option is to ask your classmates about their experience with the course and what they learned from it.

Will the timings be constant throughout the course period?

The timings will be constant throughout the course period. But Sometimes the timings will vary depending on the number of students enrolled in the course.

How long is the duration of each 120 session?

The typical course duration is weeks. However, the length of each session varies depending on the type of course and the number of hours in a day. For example, a 6-8 Months course could have six weekly sessions.


Practical training helps one to secure fixed jobs with good pay. You need to team up with a center that guides and settles you in the future. Thus, trust ACIL. It is the best UI UX training institute in Gurgaon, without a doubt!