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There is a new wave of innovation revolutionizing the entire world. A new generation of creative artists and enthusiasts is rising. It is possible due to the roles of digital devices like Smartphones and computers in our lives. The gaming industry is booming, and animated movies get the love they deserve. Graphic Designing Institute in Delhi is flourishing with students. Magazines, newspapers, apps, there are countless mediums today. Due to the drastic increase in these industries, there is a requirement for new ideas almost daily. Creative professionals are discovering new prospects and finding the right place in the world where their gifts are put to use.

Graphic designing is one such field that is the ‘basic’ or ‘core’ of the above mentioned fields and industries. A graphic designer is a professional who understands these concepts. With technological advancements, graphic designing has also changed. It was once a practice of advertisement through visual appeals. Designing business cards, pamphlets, and brochures were some of the common applications of graphic designing. Now, there is an entire interface designing, character concepts, among other elaborate practices that encompass graphic designing. Hence, many people are opting for a short term course in graphic designing.

What is Graphic Designing?

As the name suggests, Graphic designing is a practice of designing visual graphics for different mediums. Character or environment design in games, movies, and shows, Posters, and Pamphlets to promote a certain event, Business cards and brochures for a company, and so on, all of these are a part of Graphic Designing module. There are countless applications of graphic designing, and India is learning the expansive potential of the field. Hence, there has been a drastic increase in the demand for graphic designing professionals over the last few years. Many young artists have surfaced over time, while other individuals are applying for the profession.

In the wake of the graphical revolution and with increased interest in the field, it has become important to find institutes that offer graphic designing courses in some form. These courses offer us essential knowledge regarding the field and incorporate vital skills for us to flourish in the field. There are Graphic Designing Institute in Delhi that offer flexible courses and expert guidance to ensure a person emerges as a full-fledged professional graphic designer. It follows a certain module and course duration.

Graphic and UI/UX Designing Syllabus

Graphic and UI Designing Syllabus UX Designing Syllabus

What can you do with a Graphic Designing Qualification

As a graphic designer, you open a path to an entire creative industry. You can start by enrolling in the job as a copywriter and over time, gain experience as a graphic designer and raise in the ranks. A graphic designer’s best tool is their creativity and how they use it with their concepts. Once they learn to utilize their gifts adequately, nothing stops them, and they can reach the peak heights of an Art Director, with apt experience and skillset. Various media and industry have an imminent requirement of a Graphic Designer, and following Job profiles suffice for any graphic designer

  • Graphic Designer
  • Copy Writer
  • Web Designer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Production Artist
  • Freelance Artist
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Editor
  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Visualizer

What Skills do you need to learn in the graphic designing course

Graphic Designing is an artistic field, and one can always improve their skills and learn something new every day. There is no top limitation regarding this field. However, any short term course in graphic designing should be able to cover the following aspects, and each Graphic Designer is expected to possess them.

Fundamentals: Any professional graphic designer should have sufficient knowledge about the fundamentals of designing. It includes subjects like color theory and its applications, color psychology, designing, and various aspects of designing. These are all basic information any designer or artist worth their salt would know.

Artistic Skills: A graphic designer is expected to be good in arts, at least a visual form of arts. It might mean that they should have some knowledge of sketching. If not sketching, then they should be capable of creating designs and drawings on the respective electronic platform.

Creativity: Imagination, creativity, and innovation are the foundation of a Graphic Designing field. It is an essential skillset anyone needs to flourish in the artistic field, and Graphic Designing always requires something new. So, apt creativity should be developed for a graphic designer to come up with new concepts, designs, and artworks.

Concepts: With the help of their creativity, a graphic designer should be able to device new concepts on a whim. Just as they get the theme or the basic idea of something they need to work on, any topic or title, they should start getting a flow of ideas. New concepts that they should jot down in papers. Concepts are the backbone of graphic designing; without them, a designer is only as good as the softwares that require someone to work with them.

Software Platforms: Most important of all, a graphic designer should know how to work with graphic software and applications. There are countlessly available in the market, but Adobe Creative Suite, especially Illustration and Photoshop, remains dominant. One can also learn additional softwares like Corel Draw. If they are planning on expanding or branching out from their root softwares into a deeper field like 2D or 3D Animation, they should develop skills in the concerning software platform.

Eligibility to join our graphic design standard course

Pursuing the field of Graphic Designing does not require over the top qualification. By just keeping these points and qualifying them, you will be eligible for some of the best Graphic Designing Course in Delhi.

  • The minimum education level of 10th class for adequate learning and understanding of the course
  • Should be tech-savvy enough to operate a computer proficiently
  • Additional artistic qualification or skillsets like Drawing and Sketching further increases their chance to flourish in the future.

Apart from the above three requirements, you do not need anything else. Such minimalistic requirements have enabled people from various fields and low education qualifications to pursue a flourishing career in the field. Most of the people who have a knack for designing or arts find it relatively easy to apply for it.

Semesters and Modules

Our basic course divides the Graphic Designing course into two modules.

Module 1: Fundamentals of Graphic Designing and Illustrations

The first module essentially works as an introduction to Graphic designing. It will integrate all the essential knowledge and help in the development of Skillset. You will learn to operate on different software platforms to hone your skills and learn important tools. It will prepare you to work professionally.

  • Fundamentals of Graphic Designing
  • Basics of Designing
  • Ideas and Concept Development
  • Measurements and Proportions
  • Color Theory and Psychology
  • Typography and Text-Editing
  • Composition and Contrast in Visuals
  • Vector Art and Rester Graphics
  • Working with Grids and Layouts
  • Shapes and Illustrations
  • Branding, Designing, and Marketing
  • Tests and Projects

Module 2: Editing and Portfolio

The second module focuses on the editing aspects in the field of Graphic Designing. We will teach you how to operate softwares like Photoshop. You will learn about the importance of editing and retouching all the images to give them a complete look after the final retouching. Simultaneously, you will also develop your portfolio. It will help you in learning post-processing techniques and designing techniques essentials. Overall, it will prepare you to make a self-assessment of all the projects and finish them according to the laws and fundamentals of designing.

  • Advanced Rasterization Techniques
  • Selection and Masking
  • Color Correction and Balance
  • Various Filter and Layer Settings
  • Color in Design
  • Brand editing and identification
  • Photoshop essentials
  • Photo Manipulation and Correction
  • Matte Painting
  • Digital Painting
  • Animation Basics
  • 3D Designing and Images
  • Printouts creation
  • Text Editing and Special Effects
  • Tests and Projects

About Trainers

Trainers and teachers that work in our Graphic Design Institute in Delhi possess decades of experience working in the professional industry. They provide ideal guidance with appropriate knowledge to prepare a person for the competitive industry of Graphic Designing. Each one of our faculty members accumulates experience of working for over 200 companies, websites, and brands. Our team partakes in the professional practices for projects and assigns interns for an impeccable learning experience that will hone the overall personality of the students. Their meticulous teaching methodologies and diligence results in the overall growth and nourishment of a student.


How to choose the best graphic designing training in Delhi

  • By keeping the following points in mind, you will be able to choose the best graphic designing course in Delhi:
  • Should cover all the subjects and topic Graphic Designing
  • Should have experienced teaching faculty with professional background
  • Should offer flexible learning hours and short term course in graphic designing
  • Should have modules that cover all the vital aspects of Graphic Designing
  • Should provide students with accurate exposure to the industry
  • Should help in preparing the portfolio of each student individually

Do you provide any vocational course to become graphic designer?

Generally No, we don’t provide any vocational course to become a graphic designer. We offer courses for different levels of experience. Course levels are classified as beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses. Courses are also offered in the following specializations: TYPOGRAPHY, GRAPHIC DESIGN FOR WEB, PHOTOGRAPHY FOR DIGITAL MARKETING.

After Graphic designing Course which companies should I choose?

The answer to this question would depend on what you want to do and your career goals. For example if you want to do freelance work, then the company should be where you can find clients as well as an environment that is suitable for freelancers. But if you choose to work for a firm then you should find the details about company reputation, future growth opportunities, working culture and ambience, about CEO biography, etc.

How I can identify that graphic designing course is best suit for me?

Some of the people who would love graphic design courses are those who like to draw, sketch, and doodle. They may also enjoy experimenting with colors and patterns as well as creating posters, logos, and other marketing materials.
You should choose a graphic design course that offers hands-on education because this will help you in your career. It’s also important to take into consideration the location of the school and the duration.

Is drawing skills are necessary to become a graphic designer?

Graphic design is more about creativity than drawing skills. Graphic designers need creativity and imagination, not drawing skills. Most of the time, they use their hands to communicate ideas, but if needed, they can also use software like Photoshop or Illustrator for that purpose.

If a graphic design institute in Delhi matches the above mentioned points, then it is one of the best options for you to enroll for the course.

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