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Manage Your MIS Training with ACIL

The main aim behind any and every training is to produce competent employees so that the companies are able to hire them to ensure a successful run. Many organizations provide numerous industrial training to prepare the talented individuals for all kind of situations. If you are in search of one such center, then you must come to us, ACIL Software Solution. We are the best MIS training institute in Gurgaon compared to all other options available because of our combination of facilities and faculties. We will not only train you but also will give you the chance to get your dream placement and you will get all these in lieu of a very nominal salary.

Why MIS?

MIS stands for Management Information System. Companies use this information system to manage, control, coordinate, analyze, visualize and take decision. The principle aim of this system is to observe the technology as well as people and make the most uses of both improve the condition of the company. Thus, having an expert in the domain is a must for every company.
ACIL understand this, and so we have appointed the best people to produce the best.

Why Choose ACIL?

We have been working in this filed for a long time now and are well aware of all the minute and important details that might help to prepare an eligible employee. We began our journey and made all the necessary arrangements which prove to be more helpful for the students. We prepared a course that complements the industry requirements and will be of help for the companies as well. We also brought the industry experts to give this MIS training in Gurgaon to our students as no one will be able to condition them better than the experts themselves. To ease the troubles of these trainers, we have also imported modern machines from top companies, so that they can coach our students with ceaseless enthusiasm.

We understand that providing the correct ambiance of immense importance, and we try to create exactly that through all our facilities. We even offer flexible class timings as per the conveniences of our students. Moreover, we have kept the fees low, so that eligible candidates from all ranks of society are able to apply here. ACIL not only promises but also knows how to fulfill those and support its students till the end. And, it is because of this, we don’t end our work when the training is done. Rather, we stick with you until you are able to crack the interview and secure a position in the dream company.

Know our Trainers

Our trainers are one of the pillars of our strength and we trust them a lot. These talented persons are none other than the present workers of the top MNCs who apart from doing their job spare some precious time to train our trainees. Because of their sheer responsibility and care, the students are able to grasp the subject so well and also utilize the same in different projects.

These trainers other than teaching our students also regularly assess their growth through various exams and projects after setting the questions themselves. They even bring real time projects from their companies to shape the insight in an accurate manner and make them ready for the work. If the trainers see the potential in you, then they will also refer you to their company by the internal hiring/ referral process.

Our Placement Program

Our MIS training placement course is thoroughly a job-oriented program at the end of which you will secure a job as per your talent. We have a placement cell which untiringly works for the benefits of our students. We have good ties with many renowned MNCs, Wipro, HCL, Birla, TCS are to name some, where our HR team sends the CVs of our students. We promise to bring you interview calls until you get the job.
We also offer an additional yet mandatory course for improving and developing the personality of the students. We sharpen the spoken English power and also prepare the candidates by making them sit through mock interviews and face-to-face interactions to break the ice.  This course grooms the individual and makes them confident enough to face any situation. Our team also creates the appropriate CVs to make you appear perfect candidate for the role, thereby teaching you the trade secrets for successful applications.

Important Points to Remember

There is a reason, actually many reasons that make us one among the top ten MIS training institute in Gurgaon. A glimpse through our features will make you understand the truth.

  • Our course is student-friendly and has an easy approach.
  • Our trainers have more than seven years of experience and offer the best training.
  • Our classroom with built-in projector is an attraction for our students that simplify learning.
  • Our well-equipped labs provoke them to work harder and become perfect.
  • Our well-stocked library also encourages the students to enrich their knowledge.
  • The classes are scheduled according to the students and if they miss a class, video recordings are there to help them catch up.
  • We offer a course completion certificate valid throughout the world.
  • We provide free special classes to groom and make our candidates confident.
  • We even give additional time to our students in labs and library to prepare themselves.
  • Our students get PDFs, E-books and various other study materials and sample questions for preparing for the exams.
  • We have affordable fees and you can pay that using various options like cash, net banking, cheque, cards etc. as per your advantage.


Having training will improve your capacity to adjust and evolve in the company according to the issues. So, it is better to enroll and get training from the experts when you are getting the chance. We, ACIL Software Solution are a veteran in this case and we promise you placement. Thus, without thinking much, take admission in the best MIS training course center in Gurgaon.

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