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What is the difference between web design & UI/UX design?

Designing plays a major role in the IT industry. That design can be web design or it can be UI/UX design. Though these types are parts under designing category, they are not same actually in a technical sense. There is a slight difference between them. Web design is related to the overall design of a website. While UI stands for User Interface design and UX stands for User Experience design. UI/UX can be termed for mobile apps also, but web design is only for the purpose of websites. These concepts are really important for those who are new to designing niche in IT industry or who are newly learning designing techniques. That’s why a new web designer or UI/UX designer needs a web designing institute to acquire knowledge about the topic. ACIL in Gurgaon is one of those Top 10 web design institutes in India which can clear your all doubts about this topic and can make you an expert in this.

Web Design

Web Design is the overall designing strategy for a website with creative concepts, diagrams, icons infographics, interactivity, and color theory. Web designing is done with HTML & JavaScript coding. Before designing a web page, the designer collects information about the information architecture and then he/she starts designing the web page according to the information. Web designer also needs a developer to develop the website side by side. Web designing also includes the priority of client’s brand value and a visual impressiveness. Web design contains

  • Overall concept making
  • Customer Analysis
  • Writing codes
  • Developing pages serially
  • Graphic and Icon Development
  • Prototyping
  • Overall Analysis
  • Implementation

If you are interested in web design, then you need a web design institute and ACIL in Gurgaon is truly a renowned place for it.

UI Design

UI design or User Interface design is mainly an outcome of the software world which develops a design for any software or page. UI designers are experts in developing designs of interfaces for any kind of applications. In detailed words, User Interface design works with front end part and it manages instructions and flows to make a complex look simpler. This is the user end combination of program and design. The main focus of this design is to create an interface that feels easy to understand and feels good also. This design contains the steps

  • Customer Analysis
  • Research
  • Graphics Development
  • Storyline
  • Prototyping
  • Interactions and Animations checking
  • Adaption according to different devices
  • Implementation

There are various institutes that are providing good knowledge about it and ACIL in Gurgaon, India is a great example of UI & UX Training Institute in India.

UX Design

UX design is a relatively new concept and it plays a crucial part of IT industry. The name came from User Experience. This is one of the most important designing concepts because of its potential to attract more customers in a targeted area. ‘Design’ word in this part may make you feel it as a part of creativity, color gradings, attractiveness but UX design does not depend on these factors only. This design mainly depends on the experiences of users. Knowing the targeted potential customer, UX design team develops a delightful design with great functionality, usability, and user adaptability. This intended design attracts customer and connects them to the software or page to make them experience the intentions of the product. This design is consisting of the steps

  • Customer Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Iteration
  • Development Planning
  • Coordination with Designers
  • Integration
  • Analysis and Iteration

Out of many UX training institutes, ACIL is one of the best in India which is providing a great coaching for design geeks.


In a short glimpse, web design is only related to web pages and web applications while UX and UI design are related to any kind of design of Software and Applications. If you want to make your future based on designing the web or any software’s interface, join ACIL soon. We have the best facilities and infrastructures for our students to make them expert in these categories. We can help you to learn Web design, UX/UI design with up to minute needs of world. Our motto is to provide the best designing knowledge among students to make them feel creative, independent and happy.

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