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Node Js Training in Delhi

ACIL Node js Training Course can help you learn all about this technology and how you can use it to create your own projects from scratch through this course.

What is Node js?

Node js is a JavaScript-based framework used to create server-side web applications.

Node js is a platform that’s been specially designed for creating server-side web applications. It uses JavaScript as the language, and it’s built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It runs on a non-blocking event loop, which makes it light and efficient. Node js has an API called Node Package Manager which makes it really easy to install and manage modules/packages of code from the public npm registry or from private registries.

What type of features we will learn in Node JS?

  • You will learn to use an event driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient
  • You will learn how It supports JavaScript programming language with first class functions to create evented, non blocking code
  • You will learn how It provides an HTTP web server implementation built on top of Node’s core principles

Node js career growth

Node js is a popular and one of the most in-demand programming languages for web and mobile development. The career options and growth opportunities in this field are vast.

Node js is a server-side JavaScript framework that enables developers to create scalable applications with the help of JavaScript on the backend. It is open source and cross-platform which means it can be used across different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, etc. Node js is very popular due to its speed, scalability, and easy maintainability.

In recent years, companies have been increasingly using Node js for their backend servers due to its ability to handle a large number of simultaneous connections efficiently irrespective of hardware or software configuration. With the increasing global demand for web developers with Nodejs skillset, there has been a massive

Node js is one of the fastest-growing job skills in the India with an average growth rate of 28% between 2018-2021.

The average starting salary for a Node js developer ranges from $100k-$150k per year, depending on their location and experience levels etc.

The Node js developers per year, with a range from $48,000 to $122,000. Node js salary growth statistics also show that on average, there is about 15% increase every year in US.

What are pre-requisites for Node JS?

Website development is a great career path if you want to be a developer. There are many pre-requisites that you must have for this career.

The first requirement of being a website developer is being good with computers and technology. You need to have a basic understanding of how computers, programming languages, and web design work in order to be successful.

The next requirement is to understand the code that makes up websites because it can’t just be created by drag and dropping, but by writing code which requires an understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

Finally you need an eye for design because design is just as important as technical knowledge in this field so if you don’t have the natural talent for it then there are plenty of free tools out there like Canva or Adobe’s suite.

Full list of what is covered in this course:

  • What Is Node.js?
  • Browser VS Server
  • How to Install Node
  • The Node REPL
  • Cli
  • Source Code
  • Globals
  • Modules Setup
  • First Module
  • Alternative Syntax
  • Mind Grenade
  • Built-In Module Intro
  • Os Module
  • Path Module
  • Fs Module (Sync)
  • Fs Module (Async)
  • Sync Vs Async
  • Http Intro
  • Http Module (Setup)
  • Http Module (More Features)
  • NPM Info
  • NPM Command
  • First Package
  • Share Code
  • Nodemon
  • Uninstall
  • Global Install
  • Package-Lock.Json
  • Important Topics Intro
  • Event Loop
  • Event Loop Slides
  • Event Loop Code Examples
  • Async Patterns – Blocking Code
  • Async Patterns – Setup Promises
  • Async Patterns – Refactor To Async
  • Async Patterns – Node’s Native Option
  • Events Info
  • Events Emitter – Code Example
  • Events Emitter – Additional Info
  • Events Emitter – Http Module Example
  • Streams Intro
  • Streams – Read File
  • Streams – Additional Info
  • Streams – Http Example
  • End Of Node Tutorial Module
  • HTTP Request/Response Cycle
  • Http Messages
  • Starter Project Install
  • Starter Overview
  • Http Basics
  • Http – Headers
  • Http – Request Object
  • Http – Html File
  • Http – App Example
  • Express Info
  • Express Basics
  • Express – App Example
  • Express – All Static
  • API Vs SSR
  • JSON Basics
  • Params, Query String – Setup
  • Route Params
  • Params – Extra Info
  • Query String
  • Additional Params And Query String Info
  • Middleware – Setup
  • Multiple Middleware Functions
  • Additional Middleware Info
  • Methods – GET
  • Methods – POST
  • Methods – POST (Form Example)
  • Methods – POST (Javascript Example)
  • Install Postman
  • Methods – PUT
  • Methods – DELETE
  • Express Router – Setup
  • Express Router – Controllers
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