UI UX Design Course in Jaipur

What’s is the difference between UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design?

A lot of designers are confused about UI and UX, UX refers to Research and Strategy. Let assume that if I want to develop an application that builds then we need to research on its user experience, usability and focus of customer or vendor. In UX we analyse the workflow, focus of the products and target area and users.

UI refers to the design, it’s completely based on visual design. We need to create different applications look and feel in UI Design.

Which one is much better – UI or UX?

Both are good, these are dependent on each other. If some want to learn UI then he must have a little bit of knowledge of UX Process. UX we say that these designers will check the design functionally and feel where UI design will look on the design part.

What does UI and UX Designer Do?

UX Designer work on the process of products where UI designer works on the design part of those products. Let assume that we are going to build a Hotel Management Application then UX designer work on the wireframe, prototype, flow, case studies where UI designer can look at the creativity, color, fonts of the design.

What is the process of UI UX Design?

UI and UX Designer work on the same products, First the UX Designer work then after UI Designer work. Let a few of process step follow: –

  • UX designer starts work on user requirements then after he makes a flow chart and user journey.
  • He will analyze the market, users and on behalf of that requirement, he makes the user persona or the big picture.
  • UX designer works on storyboard, Low Fidelity Wireframe, High Fidelity wireframe and after then he builds a prototype of that products.
  • Then after UI Process will start after finalizing the UX Process Wireframe and prototype
  • UI Designer will look at client color scheme requirements, other competitor app and design aspects and design a layout.
  • Then after he makes final changes as per client requirement.
  • UI Designer also provides the icon as per development need for different devices

How to choose the best institute of UI/UX design in Jaipur?

If you want to choose the best UI UX Design in Jaipur, then you need to check the designer portfolio and their products. The trainer must have a strong portfolio on Application Design, Web Design, Product Design, Backend Design, Dashboard design. He has a strong portfolio and reports on wireframe and prototype design with user research

What are the tools used in UI UX Design?

Most of the designer think that tool is important in UI/UX Design Course but this is not true. Tools just help to create but concept and design are depending on the designer.

Well, there are few tools which used in UI UX Design Course in Jaipur.

  • Balsamiq – Wireframe Design tools
  • inVision – Prototype Tools
  • Pencil – GUI Tools used for Wireframing
  • Moqups
  • Zeplin – Used for Icon
  • Power Mockup – Powerful Wire Framing Tools
  • Loop11, Crazy Egg, Uservoice, Mousestats – Usability and User Testing Tools
  • Denison, Visual Website Optimizer – A/B Testing Tools

There are a lot of tools that are used for UI UX design in Jaipur. Few of the tools are: –

  • Adobe Photoshop – Create Web Layout for Static Website, Dynamic Website, 4K Website Design, Small Devices Website Design, Social Websites, Booking Engine, Portals, Directory Websites.
  • Adobe XD – User Interface Design, POS Designing, Mobile App Design, IOS Designing, Android Designing
  • Sketch 3.0 – User Interface and Prototypes Designing
  • Adobe Illustrator – Icon, illusion Graphics, Vector Graphics, illustration Design

Why UX and UX Important for graphic designers?

Graphic designing is depending upon the creativity and design concept, here designer needs to design creative element but in UX Designer need to check creativity as well as user experience in design. In graphic design, designers work only in creativity material but in UI/UX Designer think that the product he going to design will its concept. In all companies, UX Designer is more preferred than a graphic designer because he has the creativity and well as UX UI Knowledge to design a product.

Why Acil is the best institute for UI/UX Designing Course in Jaipur?

Acil is the best UI/UX Design Institute in Jaipur due to experience and Portfolio. We have more than 13+ Year Experience in UI/UX Designing. Their teacher has a strong knowledge of User interface design and User Experience Design


Can a graphic designer become a UX designer?

Yes, A Graphic Design becomes a UI / UX Designer, Graphic Designer needs to learn User Experience Concept and User Interface Design Ideas, He must learn knowledge Mobile Layout Design, Web Layout Design, Dashboard Design, Software Application Design.

What are the job responsibilities of a UI/UX Designer?

UX Designer will research on UX Strategy to build products. They need to create mockup ideas, sketch, wireframe, prototype. In UI, Designer need to create a design for different devices and platform

How much time will take to learn UI/UX design?

UI/UX will take min 6 months if the student has good knowledge of Graphic Designer, Well it depends upon the thinking creativity of designers.

Is Graphic Designing is mandatory to learn UX?

No, If you want to learn UX then you can learn without graphics because UX is research and ideas.

Is Graphic Designing is mandatory to learn UI?

If you know Photoshop then you can choose UI Designing, It is not mandatory to learn graphic designing course for User Interface Designing.