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Information on Graphic Designer Career, Education Information and Job prospect

Are you looking for a creative career in Graphic Design but do not have enough knowledge regarding the job field? Then do not worry; you have clicked on the right page. Here we have gathered all the required information that will altogether give you a clear picture on the Graphic Design career and outlook.

We, at ACIL Technologies, provide the best graphic designing courses for the interested candidates and help them to grow as the best qualified Graphic Designers with the well reputed IT companies all around the world.

Let us now discuss Graphic Designing, its various outlook and prospects in detail and give you enough knowledge for your better future.

What is Graphic Designing?

There is no doubt that in recent years, Graphic Design has become one of the most popular career options among the people who are ready to utilize their creative skills in a core professional sector. To define Graphic Design we can say, it is the process of visual communication that combines arts, words, images and other creative ideas to convey the client’s message to the audience. Graphic designing involves both the visual and textual content that are creatively implemented into multiple media forms. It includes everything starting from the intellectual advertisements, stunning websites layouts, eye-grabbing posters, business cards, company or business logos, mobile apps and several others.

The education level of a Graphic Designer:

Apart from creativity and originality, a Graphic Designer also needs a proper educational background in the same or related field. Although in most cases, a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design is required, you can also pursue your dream career even if you have a bachelor’s degree in some other subjects. You can opt for the technical training in Graphic Design that will give you the professional training and knowledge to meet the requirements of most of the companies while recruitments.

However, the 4-year program in Bachelors degree in fine arts in Graphic Design can help the students with the necessary artistic and technical skills for the basic employment in the sectors of Graphic Design. Some schools or universities might ask you to submit a portfolio of your creative artworks to prove your artistic ability and originality before getting into the course. For every graphic designer or every artist building, a professional art portfolio is very essential as it in many cases help them to get their dream jobs. Therefore, some schools and universities help the students to build their professional art portfolio that demonstrates their artistic styles and abilities.

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design has assigned nearly 300 colleges, schools and independent training institutes with programs in studio art, computerized designs, website design, graphic design, commercial graphics production and many more. However, at ACIL Technologies, we offer the best graphics and web design courses in Gurgaon for the eligible candidates who are willing to make their career in Graphic Design with affordable graphic design courses fees.


Skills of a Graphic Designer:

Every profession requires some special skill sets from the individuals that altogether build the ultimate business result. However, in the field of Graphic Design, possessing an artistic and creative mind is the foremost requirement along with a formal educational background. Apart from these primary qualities, the designers also need a few other qualities to prove themselves as an efficient and professional Graphic Designer. Below is the list of top qualities of a Graphic Designer that the recruiters seek while hiring the candidates.

  1. 1. Time-management: Most Graphic Designers constantly work on various projects at once and all the projects have different deadlines. So the designers must have multi-tasking abilities to meet the desired deadlines for each project and satisfy the clients with good quality. Therefore, strong time management skill is highly required by professional Graphic Designers.
  2. Strong analytical skill: The purpose of creating graphics is to attract the customers or the audience and engage them for a long period of time. Therefore it is also essential to understand the customer viewpoint and what the customers are looking for. A good analytical skill of a graphic designer will help the design be more specific, creative and eye-catching.
  3. Communication skills: Excellent communication skills are also necessary because every now and then the Graphic Designers must communicate with the clients, customers and co-designers to ascertain whether the designs are conveying the right message as required. Also, the Graphic Designers connect the customers with the business or the organisation through words and art – strong communication ability makes their job easier.
  4. 4. Computer skills: No professional job can be done without a computer. Basic and detailed computer knowledge is vital for the graphic designing jobs along with enriched expertise on technical software that is used for developing a creative and appealing design for the websites and other media platforms. After all, the computers control everything in today’s world.
  5. Originality: Another important quality of being a Graphic Designer is having originality. It is highly required as all the designs must be artistic and original enough to compete in the market with the other designers.
  6. Typography: One of the most traditional qualities for the designers. The graphic designers need to be familiar with various fonts, line-height knowledge and brilliant colour sense and colour contrast.
  7. Expansive thinking ability: Above all the designers must have the ability to think in an expansive manner – they need to think out of the box and come up with creative and unique ideas to deliver the client’s message to the customers or the viewers.

Job prospect for the Graphic Designers:

Keeping the current design trend, techniques and using current smart technologies can bring you the greater prospect in this field of Graphic Designing. In today’s digital world, every company is trying to build and maintain their digital presence that requires the skills of the Graphic Designers who are able to make the design and artistic presentation to engage the customers. The experienced Graphic Designers can upgrade their positions or get promotions to become an art director, chief designer and other supervisory positions. Over the next 10 years, the employment of Graphic Designers in IT web designing and other related services is predicted to expand and grow.

Various career opportunities for the Graphic Designers:

Not only as a typical Graphic Designer but the degree or the professional course and training can also give you opportunities to explore your talent in other creative professions that are enlisted below.

  • Web Developers- Web developers are responsible to create and design the websites, its performances, speed and others.
  • Multimedia artists and Animators- They create visual effects and animations for the movies, television, most importantly video games and others.
  • Technical writers- They write and prepare the product instruction manuals, journal articles, and other vital technical documents to communicate with various channels and customer-clients.
  • Craft and Fine art artists- They are the artists who create paintings, sculptures, illustrations, handmade objects like pottery, textiles and others.
  • Art directors- They work to create visual styles and images in newspapers, magazines, movie and television productions.
  • Drafters– Drafters convert the designs into technical drawings for the architects and engineers.
  • Industrial designers – They usually design home appliances, toys, cars and others.

Bottom lines:       

Located at Gurgaon, ACIL Technologies not only provides the high quality technical and professional training on Graphic Design but also trains the future designers to possess all the required skill sets and excellent performance ability.

Hence if art is your passion and you wish to work with the top IT companies of the world then, Graphic Design career is there to quench your artistic need and fulfil the dream to be an IT associate altogether.

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