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Graphic Design Interview Questions

Graphic Design Interview Questions

Why did you want to become a graphic designer?

Graphic designing involves creative zeal as well as enough passion for every project. I wanted to become a graphic designer since it matches my creativity and my passion to heighten my talent. Moreover, I always took interest in drawing as well as doodling since my childhood. Later on, it turned my interest into my passion. I can design some eye-catchy designs that directly affects the mind of people. Moreover, I have completed my bachelor’s and diploma in designing, which makes it perfect to get myself a graphic designing job.

What role does a graphic designer play?

A graphic designer has multiple roles to play. However, to be precise, they create visually attractive and pleasing designs, which captivate the consumers. Moreover, a good and efficient graphic designer helps with effective marketing by designing brand appeal. It is crucial for businesses these days to flourish. Also, they produce designs and even help with planning layouts for various big and small firms. Designers work in various fields like making advertisements, web designing, making corporate reports, etc.

What is the importance of communication in graphic designing?

Communication is not just important in graphic designing but in other fields as well. Here the main intention is communicating with people. One of the crucial objectives of graphic designing is speaking with the consumers and conveying ideas well as messages. Besides, the graphic designer makes sure that the consumer properly understands the reason and the objective behind the design. Finally, being a graphic designer, communicating with the team member is vital. This helps the stakeholders to put their ideas, input regarding the designing, and stay aware of the developments.

What priorities should a graphic designer consider when making a design?

I don’t know about the other designers but I abide by few aspects that help me throughout my work. For example, I maintain design framework, content, visual aesthetics, typography, and other things. Moreover, I prefer user engagement too, which is crucial for graphic designing. I think that with great and rich content I can attract thousands of consumers. Besides, if I do not have many consumers, my designs will be of no value. Therefore, I prioritize making designs having rich content, which eventually engages potential consumers.

What qualities do you have as a good graphic designer? Or what makes graphic designers different from others?

An efficient graphic designer can multi-task and even make designs that complement their ideas, meet the client requirements, and even attract the attention of the audience. Many factors are there that make a designer different from others. When it comes to me, I believe that I am a creative person, which is vital for graphic design. Apart from that, I am passionate about my career and I am curious to learn new things every day. Besides, I have a sportive nature, which makes me capable enough to accept criticism. Finally, I have patience for handling work pressure and work with reputed clients.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths and weaknesses vary from one person to another. Besides, honesty is necessary, which is vital. I feel that I am a creative person and my passion for design is extreme. Moreover, I am proficient in using various graphic tools and follow an artistic approach for everything. Also, I am great at working with other team members and even if I have to improve myself, I will certainly work on it. When it comes to my weaknesses, I am not very good with effective time management. Since I know that meeting deadline is necessary, I read various time management books to keep myself organized.

Did you face any situation where you had to face a tight deadline and how did you deal with it?

It helps interviewers to understand that whether you can efficiently work in different time constraints, that too without giving up on quality. Therefore, all you have to do is choose any project where you had to work in a limited time. Also, make sure to discuss various strategies you used to overcome the work challenges. You have to talk about the time allocation and answer accordingly. For example, how you designed for the project and the roadmap that you followed while working.

Do you know about the different types of graphic design projects?

Yes, I know about the different types of projects on which graphic designers have to work on. Ideally, there are four to five different types of projects. First, is visual identity graphic design where you have to use visual elements that help in establishing brand identity using images, colors, and shapes. Marketing and advertising graphic design where you have to design for various marketing as well as advertisement. For example, postcards, print ads, brochures, etc. User interface graphic design is, where you have to work on user interaction with various devices and applications. It includes interface designing, app designing, webpage designing, etc. Finally, motion graphic designing includes designing for presentations, video games, websites, etc.

What kind of graphic designing projects interest you?

Graphic designers have to work on different projects. Even though those projects are based on similar principles, these objectives do differ with various product agendas. Although I take interest in almost every graphic designing project, what I love the most is motion graphic designing. The ideas and the concepts used in this particular project intrigue me. Moreover, I get the opportunity to add life to the ideas I come up with. Also, it is truly amazing the way animated graphics impress users and the entire process of making them is interesting as well.

Which graphic designing tools are you familiar with?

Along with artistic inclination, the graphic designer should know about the various technological advancements. I am aware of some of the common and advanced graphic designing tools. For example, I am good with using Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape, CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign, etc.

What is the difference between associative hatching and non-associative hatching in CAD?

There is a significant difference between associative hatching and non-associative hatching. While associative hatching moves with boundary, non-associative hatching does not move with boundary. Auto CAD crashes might occur resulting in corrupted drawings with associative hatching. You might not face such issues with non-associative hatching.

What is 3D Graphic Art and how is it useful for a designer?

3D graphic art is basically a computer graphic animation, which is used for making three-dimensional illustrations. It is essential to use 3D graphic art when it comes to designing video games, movie animations, etc. Using a 3D model allows the designers for visualizing space and helps with smart and accurate drawing. Moreover, it also helps in observing all the minute and invisible details.

What is the use of Adobe Pagemaker?

Pagemaker is a software application by Adobe that is primarily used for desktop publishing. Designers use Adobe Pagemaker for making high-quality professional documents such as e-books, brochures, newsletters, reports, pamphlets, etc.

Mention the graphic designing components

Mainly, there are seven different components of graphic designing. They are line, shape, color, space, texture, scale, texture, scale, typography.

Explain the components of graphics designing

As already mentioned, graphic design is based on seven different components.

  • Line- Line is any two connected points in any design. Lines help in dividing space and emphasize specific phrases for creating patterns. It also directs the viewer’s attention towards the desired direction.
  • Color- It plays the most crucial and vital impact on the audience. Besides, it helps in making statements both individually as well as in other components. A well-crafted color theory helps in enhancing mood as well as emotions towards designing. Besides, it also helps in developing visual interest.
  • Shape- Shape is mostly defined by various boundaries such as color or line. All the components come together for making a shape. Three different types of shapes are geometric, natural, and abstracted.
  • Space- Space is the area between various elements of a design. It helps in defining the importance and helps lead the viewer through the design. Proper use of space help in making the user perceive any design better and positively.
  • Texture- It is the surface, looks, and feel of the design. Besides, it helps in adding depth as well as visual design.
  • Scale- Scale is the size of elements of any design. It affects the viewer by creating emphasis and visual interest in the design.
  • Typography- It is mainly the styling of words using different fonts as well as sizes. Like the colors and shapes, typography help in expressing the nature of the design.

Mention the difference between a window polygon and a crossing polygon.

Window polygon helps the designers to select various objects that too inside the polygon. However, crossing polygon is used for selecting various objects within as well as around the boundary of any polygon.

What is a Linked Layer?

It is a tool present in Photoshop. A Linked Layer helps in the formation of a relational bond between layers and helps designers apply various changes to the grouped layers.

What is Lasso Tool?

Lasso Tool is one of the common Photoshop tools, which is used for selecting areas without any pre-defined shape. This is one of the useful tools present in almost every image editing software and helps with the free selection of any area. Mainly there are three different types of lasso tools, Standard lasso tool, Polygonal lasso tool, and Magnetic Lasso tool.

What is the shortcut for resetting zoom?

The shortcut for resetting zoom is ctrl+0 (zero key).

Mention the core graphic design principles.

Some of the common core graphic principles include contrast, proportion, rhythm, color, proximity, visual hierarchy.

Explain the 4 crucial core graphic design principles

Visual hierarchy- It is allocating visual weight to different elements in a design depending on its importance. Segregation can be done depending on the fonts, texture, and size.

Color- It helps in enhancing the overall mood of the design and even reflects the tone as well as satisfaction.

Contrast- Bringing together one or more elements that oppose each other in color, look, or style. Besides, it helps the viewer to focus on the key elements.

Proportion- Proportion works together with dominance as well as priority and focuses on the scale of elements.

Mention the basic composition laws that graphic designers follow.

The five most basic composition laws which the graphic designers follow include Single Visual, The Golden ratio, ‘Z’ and ‘F’ layout, Focal Point, Grid Design.

What is color theory and why it is necessary for graphic design?

Colors play a vital role when it comes to establishing a strong brand identity. Mostly the interviewers ask this question to find out whether you know about the color palette and whether it matches with their brand. First, you have to discuss the importance of color, understanding of color theory, and application of color theory for enhancing visual communication.

What is Golden Ratio in graphic design composition and why it is significant?

Commonly known as ‘Phi’, the golden ratio is 1:1.61. It is used for making visitors focus on different things which the designer wants to emphasize.

What is the difference between UX, Visual, and Graphic Design different from each other?

UX design- It helps in enhancing the user experience on the website. UX designers improve the appearance of the website for making it lucid, easy to understand, and clear.

Visual design- Visual design works on the visual communication of the designs. Visual designers aid in making the communication of information aesthetically pleasing through designs.

Graphic design- Graphic designing focuses on communicating with the users with designs. Designers use various elements like typeface, hierarchy, color, and images for creating designs.

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