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What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editor developed by Adobe Systems. It can be used to create logos, illustrations, artwork for printed textiles, and many other types of images.

Advantages of adobe illustrator

  • It is primarily used in the graphic design, illustration, and marketing industries to create or edit two-dimensional images.
  • You can create virtually any type of image file including logos, icons, digital illustrations, drawings.
  • Adobe Illustrator is good for designers who are looking for a program that can handle both 2D and 3D drawings.
  • It also excels at combining text and graphics into one unified project.

Difference between adobe illustrator and photoshop

They both have their own sets of requirements and features that make them unique from each other.

Adobe Illustrator: It is a vector-based graphics program that was created to edit art for print publications. Adobe Illustrator is mainly used for illustrations like logos, drawings, infographics etc.

Photoshop: It is raster-based photo editing software that was created for digital media like web design or video editing. Photoshop has more use cases like photo editing or any type of graphic design work with photographs.

Use of scatter graph tool in adobe illustrator

A scatter graph is the perfect tool to use when you want to chart your data.

There are many different types of scatter graphs, but one of the most common types is the line graph. The line graph has two axes, one for the x-axis and the other for the y-axis. This type of scatter graph can be used to show trends in data over time.

What is pucker and bloat tools?

Pucker and bloat tools are used to make an object rounder or squarer.

Pucker Tool- Pucker tool is used to make shapes rounder without affecting the width. It pushes points inward away from the center of the shape.

Bloat Tool- Bloat tool is used to make shapes squarer without changing their height. It pushes points outward away from the center of the shape.

Explain some useful plugins of adobe illustrator

Powerful plugins for illustrator that you should know:

1. Save for web and devices: this plugin helps to export your graphic design to the required size and format. It is a great plugin if you want to export your work without having to go through the entire process of exporting or scaling down your work.

2. Export as image: this plugin exports as an image such as jpeg, png, tiff, etc., which might be needed by other programs such as photoshop or photo editing software.

3. 3D extrude & bevel: this plugin allows users to create 3D graphics that you can then edit and style just like any other object in illustrator.

Why you want to make profession in adobe illustrator?

I want to make profession With Adobe illustrator because you can create any kind of design imaginable. This software has special drawing tools that make the process of creating graphics much more easy for good design thinkers.

How to create artboard in adobe illustrator?

When it comes to graphic design, the artboard is the most important thing. It can be used to create new artboards or expand or reduce your current one.

Create an artboard

To create an artboard, you can use any of these methods:

– Use the Artboard tool (O) on the toolbar to draw a new rectangle on your page.

– Use the New Artboard button on the Properties panel to add a new artboard in your page.

– Right click on an existing artball and select Duplicate Artwork from the drop down menu, which will result in another copy of that same existing rectangle.

What are the latest features in Adobe Illustrator newer version?

Adobe illustrator is a vector graphics editor that has been around for a long time. The latest version of Illustrator is Illustrator CC 2018, which was released in November 2017.

The updated drawing tools include new brushes like Artisan Texturizer Brush, Ragged Edges Brush; new Shapes like the Image Shape; new Brushes like the Radial Gradient Brush; and updated shapes like Ellipse and Rectangle Tool. The updated type options include Variable Fonts, updated Glyphs panel with font previews and more font types to choose from (each font can be previewed on hover).

How to create table in adobe illustrator?

Illustrator is an illustration program that allows you to create various graphics, figures, and drawings. However, the table tool in it is limited to be used only for single-line tables.

Table Tool

The table tool is not available in the shape menu. It can be found in the main menu bar under Object > Tables > Table. If you want to insert a table without any preset options, click on the button at the top left corner of the toolbar and select an option from its dropdown menu like “New Table”, “New Horizontal Table”, or “New Vertical Table”. To align your text to all four sides of a cell in a single column or row, click on one side of it and press Shift while pressing on another side of it with your mouse button held down.

Explain how to make template layer in adobe illustrator

The following steps will show you how to make a template layer in Adobe Illustrator.

1. Go to the “Window” menu on the top of your screen and select “Layers”. A panel with all layers will pop up on the left side of your screen.

2. Click on a layer that is not a template, then go to the “Layer” option at the top of your screen and select “New Layer” from the drop-down menu.

3. Type in a name for this new layer, such as “template” or “background”. This can be changed later as needed, so it doesn’t need to be set in stone right now if it’s not perfect.

4. Double-click on this

What is use of perspective tool?

Perspective is a tool in Adobe Illustrator that can be used to create a visual effect of depth by making objects appear to recede into the distance.

Perspective is a tool in Adobe Illustrator that can be used to create a visual effect of depth by making objects appear to recede into the distance. In this video tutorial you will learn how to use this powerful tool and add some graphic style on your own artwork.

Perspective Tool uses two sliders, on left and right, which control how close or far away from the viewer an object appears. The bottom slider moves things closer or farther away but it has little effect on ordering relative size of all three objects.

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