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    Data is ruling each and every bit of our life. The power of data is such that very few organizations can survive in its deficit. It acts as a multiplier of growth in this generation full of uncertainty and acts as a backbone in any kind of decision making. At current, Data related courses have picked an uptrend. Fresher’s and graduates are well opting for this in order to give a better height to their career. Data Science, Data Analytics and Machine learning ...
  • What is Machine Learning and its Advantages

    With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its widespread application all over the world, there is always scope for improvements and innovations. Moreover, the versatility that AI offers and is inclusive of requires it to be constantly updated in frequency. One of its applications is Machine Learning. This application allows systems to learn and improve upon itself, based on experiences, without the requirement of programming it explicitly. It is basically the phenomenon of systems l...
  • Top 10 Trending Career Oriented IT Courses For Fresher

    India is one of the highest exporters of IT in the world. Due to numerous factors, countries and companies around the world look to India for their IT and software needs. Over the years several companies have been formed in order to meet this need. TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL are all examples of how India has developed and utilized its IT talent continuously. In fact, TCS hold the position of being the most valuable companies in the country.  Freshers related to IT and computer science field are...
  • What is the difference between web design & UI/UX design?

    Designing plays a major role in the IT industry. That design can be web design or it can be UI/UX design. Though these types are parts under designing category, they are not same actually in a technical sense. There is a slight difference between them. Web design is related to the overall design of a website. While UI stands for User Interface design and UX stands for User Experience design. UI/UX can be termed for mobile apps also, but web design is only for the purpose of websites. These co...

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